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Roman Greenberg Boxing Shorts Auction For Charity

After my post on BackgammonMaster’s number one online backgammon player, I was told that will auction off the famous shorts of heavyweight boxer, Roman Greenberg, for $100,000 in an effort to help him make it to the World Boxing Championship.

This is the pair of shorts that people will be bidding for. All proceeds from this auction will be channeled to charities supporting Arab and Jewish youth in distress.

This pair of shorts was actually purchased by, the company that lets people play backgammon online, for a hefty sum which goes towards the training expenses of Roman Greenberg, effectively sponsoring his World Boxing Championship title bid.

If you have been wondering what the link between boxing and backgammon is, well, both are actually skilled sports. Moreover,, by supporting Arab and Jew causes, hopes to see unity and peace between them. Besides, backgammon is an immensely popular game in Arab countries, where it is known as Tavla.

It makes sense to bring peace to these people who have been at each other’s throat since forever, because Roman Greenberg, the current IBO Intercontinental heavyweight champion, is a Russian-born Jew.

Hopefully, fans of Roman Greenberg will support BackgammonMaster’s auction and make it a success! I personally love collecting celebrity and sports memorabilia but the price tag of this is surely out of my reach!

The Born Free Foundation

People who know me know that animal welfare is close to my heart. If I could, I would save the world’s animals from harm.

Today, I came across the Born Free Foundation which is an international wildlife charitable organization. Its work includes stopping the sufferings of individual wild animals and protecting threatened species of wildlife animals.

Born Free Foundation allows many opportunities for us to be involved and in fact, they have two pages on ways that we can help them, either through cash or services.

They have a programme where we can adopt our very own wildlife animal all for GBP24 per year only. Don’t you think that saving a wildlife animal is better than wasting the money on alcohol or cigarettes?

Peter Belisi – Luxury With Meaning

Earlier today, I was actually thinking which charitable program I should feature on my blog. How could I forget Luxury With Meaning, a program at initiated by Peter Belisi, the fashion designer?

I love it when people make it easy for us to participate in their charity programs and Peter Belisi is no different. To do our part for Luxury With Meaning, we just have to purchase any Belisi product. A portion of the proceeds from the sale, no matter if the amount is large or small, will be channeled to the Luxury With Meaning program where we, the buyers, get to choose the cause that we would like to support.

We normally have no choice of which charitable body will receive our donation unless we do it directly but Peter Belisi has kindly given us this option. Thank you!

Check out now and get your favorite Belisi item whilst making a difference to someone in need.

McKenzie – Art Making A Difference


I actually got to know about the charity fund raising program initiated by the award-winning artist, McKenzie, last month but did not have the opportunity to blog about her. She is trying to raise a million dollars in support of charitable organizations that include SaveDarfur, Global Green and Humane Society.

McKenzie is actually an old hand at fund-raising and I feel that what a person could do, two could do better, therefore, why not join forces to help her achieve her target of a million dollars sooner?

McKenzie has made it possible to let us internet users involve ourselves in her efforts. It actually is not difficult to do our part. All we are required to do is to visit her website at and click on the links or banners of her sponsors.

All revenue generated through our mouse click will be channeled to her fund called “Art Making A Difference”. In addition to this, part of the proceeds from sales of her art work will also be donated by McKenzie to her fund. So you actually have two options to donate, by clicking or by purchasing. And I am sure you can also help to spread the word.

Yvonne Foong – Heart 4 Hope

I have been so caught up with work, monkeys, life and blogging that I had absolutely gave up on blog hopping. Today, however, I had some free time on my hands and decided to check out a couple of blogs, one of them was the blog of Yvonne Foong.

I am sure many of us are already familiar with her name and her cause in raising funds for her medical treatment. The latest I read about her today is that she is raising funds to save her eyesight.

So, as a fellow blogger, I feel that I should help to spread the word so that Yvonne can reach her targeted amount sooner and that she can proceed with her medical treatment as planned.

Currently, Yvonne is holding a few auctions of beautiful dresses. She has these dresses listed on eBay Malaysia but everybody is welcome to bid and win as shipping is free courtesy of DHL so no matter where you live, if you like the dresses and would like to help Yvonne out, do check out her website-cum-blog at for her latest news and items for sale.

Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.