Peter Belisi – Luxury With Meaning

Earlier today, I was actually thinking which charitable program I should feature on my blog. How could I forget Luxury With Meaning, a program at initiated by Peter Belisi, the fashion designer?

I love it when people make it easy for us to participate in their charity programs and Peter Belisi is no different. To do our part for Luxury With Meaning, we just have to purchase any Belisi product. A portion of the proceeds from the sale, no matter if the amount is large or small, will be channeled to the Luxury With Meaning program where we, the buyers, get to choose the cause that we would like to support.

We normally have no choice of which charitable body will receive our donation unless we do it directly but Peter Belisi has kindly given us this option. Thank you!

Check out now and get your favorite Belisi item whilst making a difference to someone in need.

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