Yvonne Foong – Heart 4 Hope

I have been so caught up with work, monkeys, life and blogging that I had absolutely gave up on blog hopping. Today, however, I had some free time on my hands and decided to check out a couple of blogs, one of them was the blog of Yvonne Foong.

I am sure many of us are already familiar with her name and her cause in raising funds for her medical treatment. The latest I read about her today is that she is raising funds to save her eyesight.

So, as a fellow blogger, I feel that I should help to spread the word so that Yvonne can reach her targeted amount sooner and that she can proceed with her medical treatment as planned.

Currently, Yvonne is holding a few auctions of beautiful dresses. She has these dresses listed on eBay Malaysia but everybody is welcome to bid and win as shipping is free courtesy of DHL so no matter where you live, if you like the dresses and would like to help Yvonne out, do check out her website-cum-blog at http://yvonnefoong.com/ for her latest news and items for sale.

Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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