McKenzie – Art Making A Difference


I actually got to know about the charity fund raising program initiated by the award-winning artist, McKenzie, last month but did not have the opportunity to blog about her. She is trying to raise a million dollars in support of charitable organizations that include SaveDarfur, Global Green and Humane Society.

McKenzie is actually an old hand at fund-raising and I feel that what a person could do, two could do better, therefore, why not join forces to help her achieve her target of a million dollars sooner?

McKenzie has made it possible to let us internet users involve ourselves in her efforts. It actually is not difficult to do our part. All we are required to do is to visit her website at and click on the links or banners of her sponsors.

All revenue generated through our mouse click will be channeled to her fund called “Art Making A Difference”. In addition to this, part of the proceeds from sales of her art work will also be donated by McKenzie to her fund. So you actually have two options to donate, by clicking or by purchasing. And I am sure you can also help to spread the word.

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