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What’s So Special About WordPress?

Well, I have been using WordPress blogging platform for more than three months now and honestly speaking, I hate it. No doubt, it may be highly customizable, but so what if I can’t make head or tail of what code to put in (and where) to customize it? It’s like having a Rolls Royce at home and not knowing how to drive it.

The Write and Edit pages are too slow to load for my liking, even without the Preview window. I was advised to use Windows Live Writer but I have not tried it. I don’t know how fast it can help me publish my post but what about images? Will it be handle that or just text? I don’t know and don’t have the time to try it out.

The only things that I like about WordPress are Categories and advanced publishing. These are the two features that I use and wish that Blogger has. Labels just don’t cut it, you know?

So if Blogger can accommodate these two, it would be the perfect blogging platform for me. Then I could get rid of this spam haven! GGrrrr

Lost in CSS-ville

As you can see, my problems with WordPress plug-ins have finally been resolved. I asked so many people for help but none did. In the end, it was my blog host who helped me. I hate asking for help but boy, am so glad that the problems are over. I swear I am not going to add anything else to the blog. I would hate to keep asking for help. I realize since young that nobody will extend his help if there is no personal benefit. I am sad to say this but it is true.

I can understand if the people I asked have next to nothing knowledge on WordPress or Cascading Style Sheets but no, they even WORK in this line.

I know that people are busy with their own work but aren’t friends supposed to help a friend out? To my logic, if you snub me, then you do not treat me as a friend and hence you are not worthy of my friendship.

Recent Posts & Previous/Next Post

My head is getting bigger and bigger due to these two WordPress issues. I have been trying for the past two weeks to implement a column for Recent Posts on my sidebar and also Previous/Next Post links on my single post page.

Ah.. headache. I just wish there is somebody, anybody, who could help me with these issues once and for all. I am a user and not a creator. I only know how to use. Please help me with this!

Since last month, I have been rather disappointed with some people. Before that, there have been people who told me to go ahead and host my own blogs, they will help me with everything. Host I did, but where have those people gone to? They even brushed me aside brusquely.

I guess I have only myself to depend on. This is going to be one long lonely road to travel. I hate it but I am forced to do it. What stupidity.

You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

After one month on WordPress, I realised I’m not a WP kind of person. I am a Blogger person. Everyone has told me how easy WP is, how user-friendly and all, but I don’t think so.

I have been trying to arrange my links in order of importance. Right now, each time I access my page, it comes up in a different sequence. I’m quite a perfectionist and dislike disorder and this links problem is driving me crazy.

I know there’s a plug in that’s supposed to allow us to arrange our links. I even read up on how to get it installed. But reading and understanding are two different issues. Hell, I read it twice even and STILL DO NOT GET IT!

I want back my Blogger but my host told me that IF I want this blog to be powered by Blogger, I would not be able to publish in ** An Anonymous Journal ** anymore. It’s an either / or situation.

Give me Blogger anytime!

Who Is Reading Me?

Ok, I give up. I have no bloody idea how to go about editing WordPress themes. It did not help that for whatever reason, I am unable to access the theme files just when I’m all fired up to get the stuff done. It really kills my mood. Why waste time with the layout when I can blog, right?

So this blog is for now bare of Adsense, image buttons, stats tracker, advertisement banners and what not, till I figured a way to go about implementing them.

Sometimes I do feel that it is better not to know who reads my blog. At least I can blog without feeling self-conscious. I can’t blog as emotionally free now that my other blog has more readers.

This is also the reason why not even my family knows about my blogs. If I am not granted the freedom for anything else, I will fight for my freedom to express. I don’t know if there’s anyone else who knows me in real life that discovered my blogs. If they did, nobody confronted me but thankfully, not many people I know for real are bloggers. Bloggers are one of a kind.

So I thrive on this opportunity to write and write away without minding who, from where, reads my thoughts, when and for how long.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts as I have enjoyed jotting them down.

WordPress, a Different Ball Game

When I first started this blog, I was rather apprehensive about treading the WordPress waters. I have been using Blogger powered blogs all along and I did not relish the change. For the template on ** An Anonymous Journal **, I spent two whole days customizing and personalizing it till “perfection”. Yes, it took me that long because I did not know anything about HTML and stuff but after that episode, I can say that I’m pretty familiar with customizing Blogger templates now.

It’s a different story with WordPress. It is not that I am unwilling to learn something new. I am always game for new things but I can ill afford the time to go by trial and error.

I spent a few days searching for a WordPress theme that I like. I found this and was all gung-ho about customizing it. But with all the confusing separate files, I think I have given up, for now.

I’ll just be using the default layout for the time being, I guess.