WordPress, a Different Ball Game

When I first started this blog, I was rather apprehensive about treading the WordPress waters. I have been using Blogger powered blogs all along and I did not relish the change. For the template on ** An Anonymous Journal **, I spent two whole days customizing and personalizing it till “perfection”. Yes, it took me that long because I did not know anything about HTML and stuff but after that episode, I can say that I’m pretty familiar with customizing Blogger templates now.

It’s a different story with WordPress. It is not that I am unwilling to learn something new. I am always game for new things but I can ill afford the time to go by trial and error.

I spent a few days searching for a WordPress theme that I like. I found this and was all gung-ho about customizing it. But with all the confusing separate files, I think I have given up, for now.

I’ll just be using the default layout for the time being, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress, a Different Ball Game”

  1. Switching from blogger to wordpress is quite a thing and I know what I’m talking abt ’cause I switched to wordpress myself some months ago 😉

    I was like:”OHH god!I know nothing abt wordpress :(
    But then someone helped me out and also I learned by trial and error as you call it 😛

    Gud luck with yr new blog :)

  2. Hi Angele,

    Thanks for your word of encouragement. Not only is WP soooo confusing, we also have to build our page rank again. It’s really a long and tiresome journey.

    Thanks for wishing me luck. I need it, lots of it.

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