Who Is Reading Me?

Ok, I give up. I have no bloody idea how to go about editing WordPress themes. It did not help that for whatever reason, I am unable to access the theme files just when I’m all fired up to get the stuff done. It really kills my mood. Why waste time with the layout when I can blog, right?

So this blog is for now bare of Adsense, image buttons, stats tracker, advertisement banners and what not, till I figured a way to go about implementing them.

Sometimes I do feel that it is better not to know who reads my blog. At least I can blog without feeling self-conscious. I can’t blog as emotionally free now that my other blog has more readers.

This is also the reason why not even my family knows about my blogs. If I am not granted the freedom for anything else, I will¬†fight for my¬†freedom to express. I don’t know if there’s anyone else who knows me in real life that discovered my blogs. If they did, nobody confronted me but thankfully, not many people I know for real are bloggers. Bloggers are one of a kind.

So I thrive on this opportunity to write and write away without minding who, from where, reads my thoughts, when and for how long.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts as I have enjoyed jotting them down.

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Reading Me?”

  1. You can start by editing the your template files in the theme folder to chmod 777. Then only can you edit them from your WordPress Admin. You can’t edit it that way until that’s done.

    Alternatively, you can edit them via notepad on your computer then upload them manually everytime you want to change it.

    Usually I opt for chmodding the file to 777, that way you can edit it straight from the admin.

  2. Hi Edrei,

    Thanks for your guidance. I’ll try to do that when I can spare the time. Uurrghh I miss Blogger!

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