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Need A New Phone

I need a new smart phone. Already fed-up with my 2 year old Motorola Defy that shuts off by itself for no reason. Well, I am sure there is a reason. It gets serious hot and that it’s OFF and I cannot turn it back on again unless I remove the battery and restart it.

This has been occurring for a long time already, even hen it was still within a year, and I have been very patient about it. I have the Ninetology Pearl Mini that I received in a goodie bag recently, but I don’t want to use it.

My friend said I should use it even though it is not good enough. That even so, it is better than a phone that shuts off by itself.

Which phone should I get? Samsung Note 2, Samsung S4, or just wait a little

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Ninetology Pearl Mini

Recently, I got my hands on this smart phone. It was a free gift, but I understand that it could be bought from stores for as low as RM199, after the RM200 youth rebate.

I tried it out for a short while and decided not to continue using as my current phone is better than it, as the specifications are low.

Wonder why companies bother giving out low specification phones which we will not use and promote for them.

Cheap China Tablet

I went and did something which I said I wouldn’t do. Buy a cheap China tablet. LOL

Actually, I do not need another 7in tablet as I already have Huawei MediaPad, which is also the same size. But then I saw a China tablet going for a low price online, and decided to buy it.

Delivery was quick but the item wasn’t what I expected, for its price before the discount. Of course, this is exactly the quality to expect for a tablet of the price I paid.

If I had tested this tablet at a shop, I definitely wouldn’t have bought it, cheap it may be.

Nokia Lumia 925

I told my friend that I cannot let go of my old Nokia because I just prefer to use QWERTY keypad instead of

touchscreen. But my friend told me to move on and that Nokia is lagging very far behind.

Well, guess what? The company has come out with an advanced phone, the Lumia 925. Still, the camera is only 8.5MP compared to Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13MP.

BUT… this is still a touch screen so I am not going to get it. Besides, I am planning to wait for a LTE phone. When is 4G going to come?

Choosing A Phone & Tablet

Lately, I am considering changing my mobile phone and getting another tablet. I already have a 7in tablet, which I have loaned my family, so I don’t have one to use. And my mobile phone is already two years old.

So I have been following the mobile and tablet markets closely, and till now cannot decide which one I should get. Electronic devices are so darn expensive, and if I were to get both, I could easily end up forking out almost RM4K!

No doubt, hardly anyone pays the Recommended Retail Price but then again, I am looking for original sets only. It is so difficult to make decisions on a tight budget. Bah!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched

So, the much awaited mother of all smart phones is soon in the market in Malaysia. RRP is RM2199, which is, in my opinion, a bit overpriced.

Yes, I know there are many phones retailing at that price, like HTC but then HTC has always tried to be a class above, though I have friends who use HTC and their phones despite the heavy price tag don’t come without trouble.

Although I am not in desperate need of a new mobile phone, I am still very much in touch of what’s in the market.

Frankly, none of these swanky new smart phones appeal to me because what I really want is an Android (latest version) phone with physical QWERTY keypad. Is

this so difficult to find?

RM1699 For Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

A week ago, I wrote about Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 selling for US399.99 in the USA. Well, we in Malaysia get our hands on the latest Samsung device today, and it is selling at RM1,699.

Pricy? You bet. At least, that’s my opinion. I had thought that it would be RM1500 or so, and had hoped that it would be price competitive with iPad Mini but it is definitely not.

Although for the USA device, Samsung has said that bundled apps cost about US$200, I have no idea what premium apps are being included in Malaysia’s version of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I do know that it’s 3G enabled with call capability.