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Watch Videos & Movie Downloads On Your TV

Last night, I went to PC Fair in Ipoh and I saw this really smart device that I would love to have, if only I have the time to watch movies. This is like a video player, except that you can just hook up your external drive to it and connect it to the TV and play whatever video or movie in any format that you have collected or downloaded from the web.

I remember a long time ago, when peer-to-peer was still new, we were all so amazed with the technology of sharing videos and movies over the internet. I am sure, whether legally or illegally, all of us have downloaded movies or large video files over the net before.

I still remember how we all struggled to convert these files; convert them into files that could be read by our DVD players and burn them into disks so that everyone in the family could enjoy the movies by watching on TV and not on the small computer screen.

But that’s all history already. Last night, I saw this device which is selling at only MYR317 which saves all the trouble and time of converting and burning. I love it that it could also render subtitle files and that is wonderful since I love watching Korean dramas and must watch with subtitles!

This smart device is something that I surely will buy when I have a little more time to spare to enjoy movies on TV. I think by then, the price would have dropped a little too! Goodie!

Jazz® Elite HI-Definition Digital Video Camera

If you have been following my blog, I am sure you would remember how I lament at the poor quality of my videos, made worse after uploading to YouTube. My friend discovered my videos on YouTube and asked me why I did not share them on my blog. How to share when the videos looked like they were shot underwater?

I have been thinking of buying a digital video camera for myself this Christmas. The one I am using, after all, is on loan and I should really return it to the owner which I will only do after buying one because I am quite addicted to video recording now, though the poor quality of my video recorder is disheartening and I am sure it is NOT user problem!

A couple of days ago, I came to know of this relatively cheap Jazz® Elite HI-Definition Digital Video Camera. I think that of all the digital video cameras that I have checked out these last two months, this is the most compact. I really love its design because I plan to take it everywhere I go so I really do not need something bulky. I already carry too many things as it is!

And yes, this will make a great Christmas present for me! And an opportune time to shoot some wonderful family Christmas moments too!