Blogging Code of Conduct

Following the recent threats that were targeted at a prominent female tech blogger, Kathy Sierra, many people have called for a b Blogging Code of Conduct. Yet, there are people who are against the very idea of a “Code of Conduct”. As with everything in life, there is a group who is FOR, another who is AGAINST.

I personally would like to know, is there a need to for a Code of Conduct to keep us bloggers in line, much like primary school children. I mean, most of the bloggers are legally adults. However, staying behind the screen, one tends to think that “anything goes”.

I would rather we have self-discipline and stay within our own space blogging our own thang, rather than be keep in line by a Code of Conduct. Don’t you think so?

For a more in depth write up on the Blogging Code of Conduct, please refer to Monsters and Critics.

The Ease Of Applying For Loans

There used to be a time when it was a big deal to qualify for a loan but nowadays, it is so easy to apply for loans and approval is usually within minutes, without even the need for a credit check or to append any supporting documents like a pay slip to proof one has the ability to repay the loan.

I have friends who have so many credit cards and they can take out a credit card loan for each card. Naturally, they are financially not able to repay all their loans since they do not even earn that much.

There is a friend, Marc, who has such a bad credit rating and yet he needed a loan. Most financial institutions turned his application down, of course, but there was still a handful of lenders who were more than happy to approve his bad credit loan. I do not know if they are helping him or putting him in a worse financial situation.

People like Marc usually opt for an unsecured loan so that should they fail to repay their loan, their fixed assets will not be repossessed.

I did tell them to learn to consolidate debt for easier debt management but the way I see it, they are still leading a lavish lifestyle, rather than living within their means.

Template, Template, Where Art Thou?

I think I finally found a friend who may be willing to help me set up a website. I am not even asking anybody to help me design one from scratch. I just need some modification done to one of the free layouts that I will be scouring the internet for that is up to my taste.

Nobody was willing to help me and they claim to be my friend? And here I was thinking that I will be paying for their services and helping them earn some side income. Cheh, what was I thinking?

Now that I have someone who partially agreed to help me with customizing my template, placing my contents where they should go, help me to upload it to the right place and teach me to maintain my site in the future, I am going to search for a nice personal web page template.

So far all I see are business templates that require lots of text on the homepage. They aren’t suitable for my purpose and I don’t even think they are nice.

I have to continue with my search, oh dear, when will it end?

Roman Greenberg Boxing Shorts Auction For Charity

After my post on BackgammonMaster’s number one online backgammon player, I was told that will auction off the famous shorts of heavyweight boxer, Roman Greenberg, for $100,000 in an effort to help him make it to the World Boxing Championship.

This is the pair of shorts that people will be bidding for. All proceeds from this auction will be channeled to charities supporting Arab and Jewish youth in distress.

This pair of shorts was actually purchased by, the company that lets people play backgammon online, for a hefty sum which goes towards the training expenses of Roman Greenberg, effectively sponsoring his World Boxing Championship title bid.

If you have been wondering what the link between boxing and backgammon is, well, both are actually skilled sports. Moreover,, by supporting Arab and Jew causes, hopes to see unity and peace between them. Besides, backgammon is an immensely popular game in Arab countries, where it is known as Tavla.

It makes sense to bring peace to these people who have been at each other’s throat since forever, because Roman Greenberg, the current IBO Intercontinental heavyweight champion, is a Russian-born Jew.

Hopefully, fans of Roman Greenberg will support BackgammonMaster’s auction and make it a success! I personally love collecting celebrity and sports memorabilia but the price tag of this is surely out of my reach!

Windows XP To Retire In 2008

My friend told me that I should listen to his advise, for once, to get an original copy of WinXP Home Edition OEM version what comes with a hologram and certificate. That would set me back by more than MYR300.

According to him, with an original copy, I would be able to update my patches and security updates as often as I like and I would not face anymore computer software or driver conflicts and the whole system will be more stable and obviously less system crashes.

So I was thinking since the operating system is like the brains of the computer, I better listen to him. But now Microsoft announced that they will be retiring Windows XP on 31st January, 2008, forcing all new systems to run on Vista, like it or not.

So should I or should I not get a copy of WinXP now? It’s so confusing. I don’t like to have to make decisions like these!

Introducing Jean-Claude, the Animated Tiger

Have you heard who the number one online backgammon player at BackgammonMasters is? If you have not, let me introduce you to Jean-Claude, the enigmatic, animated tiger.

The 5-part video series that shows the skills of Jean-Claude have been making waves on the internet and many people have been in awe to see how well he can play backgammon.

The series, titled Life According to Jean-Claude, is not all about his skills at the backgammon game, though. This series, present through Jean-Claude, is actually about coming out tops in everything that we do, not only in playing backgammon, although this is a game that many people play and love!

Although each part of the series carries a deeper hidden meaning, they are all very humorous and have great entertainment value that is suitable even for children. Viewers are asked trivia questions and attractive prizes are given out. Moreover, if a suggested script is used, the writer will be duly awarded as well.

It is no wonder that, by using this original viral marketing approach to promote their software in the online gaming market, has garnered even more players through Jean-Claude and their hassle-free three-in-one download of Backgammon, Poker and Perudo.

w00t! Google Is Ranking Us! Woohoo!!!

I am not sure if you noticed, but Google has already started to dance. I have seen ranks assigned to my new blogs but there has been no change yet for my old blogs. I hope that this dancing is accurate and not give me false hopes like the previous update! I am still SORE! Buahaha!

Last week, Google visited my new blog and now I see this! Just check out what Google has given me for this blog. A THREE! Woohoooooo! I hope IT WILL really be THREE (or more?) when Google has settled down!

I remember writing the post Aiming For A Google Page Rank 3 back in early February this year. Was it three months already? Wow, time sure flies. But this is definitely good news. The previous ranking was long delayed. At least this time, it was only a three-month wait!

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