To Migrate or Not, That Is The Q….

Long before I got down to getting this blog up, I thought that it would be ideal if I could migrate the content from my old blog over here.

However, after I upgraded my Blogger to Blogger Beta and subsequently to the new out-of-Beta Blogger, I read in one blog that it is not possible to migrate the old contents to a new blog anymore, or at least it’s not as easy as it was before.

It’s horrifying to think I may have to copy and paste each post one by one over here. I have over 400 posts on my blog and ahhh the amount of work!

When I first stated that blog, I diligently published one post a day. After I started to blog for money, I have on average four new posts on the blog per day.

So shall I migrate? Even if I do, I will only be saving the old posts as drafts in this blog as I don’t want search engines to think my blogs are mirror sites, since they are definitely not, and risk getting removed from their index.

Who Is Reading Me?

Ok, I give up. I have no bloody idea how to go about editing WordPress themes. It did not help that for whatever reason, I am unable to access the theme files just when I’m all fired up to get the stuff done. It really kills my mood. Why waste time with the layout when I can blog, right?

So this blog is for now bare of Adsense, image buttons, stats tracker, advertisement banners and what not, till I figured a way to go about implementing them.

Sometimes I do feel that it is better not to know who reads my blog. At least I can blog without feeling self-conscious. I can’t blog as emotionally free now that my other blog has more readers.

This is also the reason why not even my family knows about my blogs. If I am not granted the freedom for anything else, I will fight for my freedom to express. I don’t know if there’s anyone else who knows me in real life that discovered my blogs. If they did, nobody confronted me but thankfully, not many people I know for real are bloggers. Bloggers are one of a kind.

So I thrive on this opportunity to write and write away without minding who, from where, reads my thoughts, when and for how long.

I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts as I have enjoyed jotting them down.

Inner Smile!

The other day, I had the opportunity to listen to a recorded interview with a marriage counselor. She said that every time she is annoyed with something, she will tell herself, “Inner smile!” and she will conjure up an image of upturned lips and twinkly eyes.

Since then, whenever I get annoyed, especially when people come asking me for money as if I have a flourishing money tree, I will tell myself, “Inner smile, girl!”

You may wonder if this works, well most times it does. Not only do I conjure up a virtual smile in my mind, I also think of some joke or something that made me laugh. It helps when you have joker friends who crack jokes like nobody’s business all the time. I’m glad I do have friends like these to cheer me up. It sure beats searching the internet for jokes.

A Little Link Love Please

I suppose one of the fastest way to beef up on Page Rank is to have a little link love. I would appreciate it if you could include me in your blogroll or if possible, a more effective way is to post my link within one of your posts.

In return, I will also write about you on my other blog with has a Page Rank of 3. Yes, it’s another link to your blog!

I thank you in advance!!

The BIG Question

Many people are asking if this blog will have paid posts, having seen what has happened to ** An Anonymous Journal **. It’s getting pretty crowded over there, isn’t it?

To be honest, this blog was started as a back up in case Blogger terminates the accounts of review writers, like what happened to WordPress free blog users.

As I said, this blog is a contingency plan. I also envision that sooner or later, advertisers will be more inclined towards having own-hosted domains to write about them. Maybe because domain names play a role in key word search in search engine marketing. I am not sure.

Therefore, I do not deny that this blog will have paid reviews in the future. However, if my Blogger is still intact, this blog will have a lot less sponsored posts. I couldn’t write that many posts a day even if I wanted to, anyway.

It’s Getting Cold Out There

To be honest, I did not feel the warmth over there. Most people there are damn kiasu. They made it seem as if we were the alien invaders. If I were on the other side of the divide, I would gladly welcome the implementation of changes since there will be less qualified people and hence less competition. 

Unfortunately, I am on this side, where my kind will be sidelined, either because of our blog host, education level, geographical location or whatever excuse that they may have now or in future.

I feel that it’s an inaccurate assumption that own-hosted blogs are superior to free sub-domain blogs. In fact, Blogger blogs are so idiot-proof that they get indexed even without doing anything, except blog. So it’s unfair to also exclude people with high Page Rank free hosted blogs.

Well, I guess it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. Play time is over. Now, I just wanna concentrate on building my blogs, especially this baby. And how about some Korean drama? Anyone?

Fueling My Blogs

After I have placed my avatar for ** An Anonymous Journal ** on a 40 X 40 pixel block on, I was pretty impressed with the click through I received. Looking at the pace FuelMyBlog is developing over the past couple of days, I thought I’d book another block for this blog, before someone grabs that choice spot! I hope Kevin would not mind.

I think a 40 X 40 pixel is very generous of them since it’s free publicity for our blogs and MySpace.

>>>> Blank Canvas < <<< is so new; I just wanna get it indexed and concentrate on raising my page rank as soon as possible. I trust will give me the much needed exposure. Link me up, show me some love!

Random Thoughts Off My Mind