GDF: Total Fulfillment Solutions

How time flies. It’s already two years since my friend joined a wholesale distributor company. When he first started, he found it hard to adapt from his previous job in a logistics company. Now that he has the experience, he could even explain to me the workings of a wholesaler.

According to my friend, his company has an automated warehouse which distributes their stocks to clients in an efficient way. They also hired an order fulfillment company that takes care of processing and fulfilling orders accurately and swiftly, including packing and shipping to clients.

Order fulfillment companies like GDF, a company that offers total fulfillment solutions, are very useful and cost saving to companies in the whole sale business, like my friend’s company, a wholesale clothing distributor. Fulfilling orders quickly and accurately means that there is no miscellaneous cost incurred from processing orders wrongly and that could happen if this is not handled properly and professionally.

Working in a wholesale clothing distributor company, my friend has gained new knowledge and now he is not only an expert in logistics but in warehousing as well.

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