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You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

After one month on WordPress, I realised I’m not a WP kind of person. I am a Blogger person. Everyone has told me how easy WP is, how user-friendly and all, but I don’t think so.

I have been trying to arrange my links in order of importance. Right now, each time I access my page, it comes up in a different sequence. I’m quite a perfectionist and dislike disorder and this links problem is driving me crazy.

I know there’s a plug in that’s supposed to allow us to arrange our links. I even read up on how to get it installed. But reading and understanding are two different issues. Hell, I read it twice even and STILL DO NOT GET IT!

I want back my Blogger but my host told me that IF I want this blog to be powered by Blogger, I would not be able to publish in ** An Anonymous Journal ** anymore. It’s an either / or situation.

Give me Blogger anytime!

And I Thought I Was A No Lifer

Oh my goodness. Yesterday, Blogitive announced that one of their bloggers earned $15,000 in 2006. Can you believe it? At the average Blogitive payout of $5 per offer, that converts to a total of 3,000 offers!

Those of us who write for Blogitive know that there aren’t that many advertisers so I can’t really imagine how this blogger can write about the same company, service or website over and over again in different variations.

I am already at a loss for words when I have to write two copies. Of course, I can always reject, but it’s money, baby! I haven’t even written 300 posts in total since I started writing paid posts and I am already feeling like I HAVE NO LIFE. This blogger MUST be a major no lifer.

In all honesty, I cannot believe that it is a one-person work, to write 3,000 offers of at least a hundred words per offer and not forgetting two minimum 50-word interim original posts.

I think that this is the work of a team of people, maybe a family or a group of friends. I may be wrong, though.

Queen of Procrastination

Yes, that’s who I am. I started  >>>> Blank Canvas < <<< in late December, 2006 and published my first post on 1st January, 2007. I purposely launched it on the first of the year so that I will remember it forever.

** An Anonymous Journal ** was set up on 2nd May, 2006. I remember it because it’s the day after Labour Day. Blogging constitutes working too, so who works on Labour Day right? Haha that’s why I did not set it up on the 1st of May, 2006, although it would be mighty easy to remember.

Anyway, one full month has passed since setting this blog up and as you can see, I am behind time. I am overwhelmed with work and perhaps it’s all due to my horrendous time management. Or maybe I do not relish the idea of messing with the WordPress codes which I have no knowledge of and hardly the patience to dirty my hands with *sigh*

When I do find myself with a little time, I prefer to blog, like what I am doing with this post, and just let my thoughts flow. I am not even sure if anyone would be reading this. Let it be. Life goes on.

The Recent 688 OOPS


Yes, that’s right, OOPS and not OPPS.

A couple of days ago, a PPP staff pressed the wrong key and accidentally released all opportunities to the board, totalling 688.

Wow, I didn’t know if it was a mistake or if it was a promotion that PPP gave to the advertisers to renew their opportunities. It could happen, you know?

Anyway, I just did one thing, i.e. GRAB!! Grab first, talk later!

Within that short period of time, I managed to grab, write, publish and submit THREE opportunities!

And then the site was taken down! After about ten minutes, the site was restored without all the old opportunities.

And then our submissions were deleted. And all of us affected were sent this e-mail.

Hey guys,

First up, please accept my sincere apologies. We had an error in the system today that resulted in a large number of expired opportunities coming active.

You are getting this email because you were too darn quick and made posts on those opportunities. We’ve removed the opps now, and removed your posts in the system.

You 2-a-day limit is NOT affected and you are free to go blog again.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies for this confusion, and thanks for being understanding.

PS Terrence now has the chicken hat.


All The Best,
Peter Wright
Director of Software Development

Awwww time wasted without getting any compensation :-/

Some of you may think that I am dumb to even grab these expired opps. Hey, PPP is so unpredictable, one never knows what will happen.

A few weeks ago, they released about 150 new opportunities, with a string of high paying ones, within a few hours. Many of us exhausted our quotas even before the opps were totally released.

After this bumper opps, there were no new ones for the subsequent days. And now, the list of available opps are hovering only in the 20s region.

So, there, you never really know what happens on PPP.


See You On The Great Wall of Blogs

What do you do when you have a brand new blog like this and you desperately want to get the word out that YOU HAVE A BLOG!?

Join a community of course! I started this blog on 1st Jan, 2007 and before the week was over, I joined Fuel My Blog. After placing my avatar on a 40 X 40 pixel blog right in the middle of the Fuel My Blog homepage, I managed to garner a healthy stream of international traffic.

I believe all bloggers blog for a reason, mainly to bring our thoughts across and to have those thoughts read. What better way is there to publicize your blog than to utilize the Fuel My Blog machinery? Will anybody allow you to talk about your blog on the radio live? I don’t think anyone will be that generous than Fuel My Blog.

So I’ll be seeing you on the Great Wall of Blogs. Be there or be square!

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Where’s the Transparency?

Yesterday, there was this piece of news in the national papers on Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme.

Tuesday January 23, 2007

Malaysia My Second Home programme under threat By MANJIT KAUR

KUALA LUMPUR: “Hanky-panky” by officers in a government department and unscrupulous agents are jeopardising efforts to promote the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme.

Our tourism minister said that:

“Unfortunately during this transition period (one year), some of the officers from a department did something which is not nice for me to say.

“But the mess has been cleaned up by the department, and we are working closely to ensure that such incidences do not occur again.

“A few officers from the department have been sacked for not following the stipulated rules and regulations on fixed deposits,”

What a laugh. Isn’t that a gov’men department and don’t we, the rakyat, have the right to demand for transparency? How can a statement like that be allowed to slide? Not nice to say so don’t say issit? Wahhh What has become of Malaysia?

To Migrate or Not, That Is The Q….

Long before I got down to getting this blog up, I thought that it would be ideal if I could migrate the content from my old blog over here.

However, after I upgraded my Blogger to Blogger Beta and subsequently to the new out-of-Beta Blogger, I read in one blog that it is not possible to migrate the old contents to a new blog anymore, or at least it’s not as easy as it was before.

It’s horrifying to think I may have to copy and paste each post one by one over here. I have over 400 posts on my blog and ahhh the amount of work!

When I first stated that blog, I diligently published one post a day. After I started to blog for money, I have on average four new posts on the blog per day.

So shall I migrate? Even if I do, I will only be saving the old posts as drafts in this blog as I don’t want search engines to think my blogs are mirror sites, since they are definitely not, and risk getting removed from their index.

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