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Romantic Wedding Like No Other

My friend, Sally, asked if I have heard of destination weddings before and told me that she is going to opt for one when she gets married early next year.

Sally is a very busy lady and as far as I know, she had to postpone her wedding date once because she couldn’t get away from work long enough to plan her own wedding. It didn’t cross her mind to engage a wedding planner back then and in the end, the relationship ended too.

This time, Sally says that she is not going to crack her head over the wedding and get harassed by tiny details or pressured to get everything in order perfectly. She jokes that all she needs to concentrate on is to look beautiful on her wedding day.

I like the fact that in a destination wedding, the bridal couple could make the event so private, without guests if they don’t wish to invite anyone!

Annual Family Vacation

My friend, Stella, is one lucky lady because her husband treats the family to an annual vacation abroad every December. Stella told me that it’s time to start planning now even if it’s only just September but I think that even if she does all her vacation research and planning online, it is still a lot of hassle as the family increases in size.

I think that the family should just go on one of those All inclusive family vacations where the only thing they have to worry about are air tickets! I know I would certainly take this easy way out if I have the chance to get away like they do annually!

With everything planned for holidaymakers in an all inclusive vacation, Stella would enjoy her holiday more without the stress that comes with organizing a family vacation!

Cancun Break

My friend, Pete, and his girlfriend along with three other couples just returned from a Bali vacation. Pete told me that while they had fun, it was not really as romantic as he envisioned because of the three other couples. Pete told me that the next vacation at the end of the year would have to be as romantic as possible as it would be their first anniversary as a couple.

I told him about the romantic cancun vacation that I read about and how it could be the kind of romantic vacation that he is dreaming of. I have visited the website of Karisma Hotels numerous times dreaming of my own vacation, though it does not have to be romantic. I just would like to get away for awhile for some rest and recreation and away from the hustle and bustle of city living!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last night, I caught up with an old friend, Andy. It’s amazing how we have failed to keep in touch for years but managed to bump into each other when we least expected it. Andy asked me if I go to Kuala Lumpur often and I told him that it has been years since I last visited.

Coincidentally, I got to know of Accor Hotels City Super Sale just this morning and I am thinking it’s high time I plan a vacation to Kuala Lumpur thanks to the low room rates offered by Accor Hotels. I may have friends and family in Kuala Lumpur but I wouldn’t want to impose on them!

By the way, check out the website of Accor Hotels to find out which hotels in 27 cities in 10 Asia Pacific countries are included in this limited time sale where you would be able to book a hotel room for as low as US$25 per night!

Anyway, if I were to visit Kuala Lumpur, it would only be a short two day trip. That’s what my schedule would allow but it would be packed with a full day of shopping. Do you know, since the last time I visited Kuala Lumpur, so many new shopping complexes have mushroomed and I would love to take this opportunity to visit Times Square, The Gardens and MidValley Megamall and shop till I drop! I know, I’ve been living in a cave, haven’t I?


Romantic Honeymoon Vacation

I just received an email from my sister who wrote of her just concluded awesome romantic honeymoon vacation. You know, her wedding was actually FIVE months ago but she just managed to go away on a short honeymoon over the recent Memorial weekend holiday. Both she and her husband luckily managed to get four days off work.

My sister told me that although the trip was short and it was not her dream romantic vacation riviera maya that she wanted for her honeymoon, it was still a great opportunity to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It must be very refreshing to think of nothing except to enjoy themselves and the company of each other! Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something like this every month?

Adults Only Cancun Holiday

Samantha, my friend, told me that she is searching all over the web for exotic holiday packages for her honeymoon later this year. I understand that she will be holding her wedding either in November or December so she plans to go on her honeymoon in December when she is able to take at least two weeks off from work.

Samantha says she plans to enjoy herself thoroughly for two full weeks because she has not been able to take a vacation break for a long time so I told her about the Adults Only Cancun vacation packages which I think are suitable for the occasion of her honeymoon. Looking at the photos on the website of Karisma Hotels & Resorts makes one feel in love all over again.

I understand that the secluded beaches of El Dorado Royale, an adult-only spa resort, is perfect for couples who would like some privacy and to just get away from everything.

Marine Resources Directory

My cousin, Jasmine, is planning her honeymoon for later this year and said that it should be something memorable. Growing up in a coastal town, she misses the beach and sea very much. We used to spend all our holidays at beach resorts, you see, but now that she has moved to London, she doesn’t have such an opportunity anymore. Blame it on something called work!

I remember the website which is quite a comprehensive resource site with links to other marine sites from marine travel to leisure fishing and boating in the United Kingdom. Of course, that’s not all. If you are more adventurous, you could also check out links to diving websites and other water activities.

Browsing through the site is very simple as it is navigational friendly. You could also bookmark the links for easy reference in the future or rate and review the sites, sharing your experience with other users. If you run a marine related website, you could also request for inclusion on

Going through the website has made me long for a boating holiday. Boy, it really has been such a long time I have forgotten when was the last time I was out to sea. I wonder if I still have my sea legs!