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Planning A Trip To Topsail Island?

I came across a website of a Realtor that specializes in North Carolina’s Surf City and Topsail Island rentals and also the surrounding coastal areas.

These places are very popular vacation destinations so Sand Dollar Real Estate is the specialist when it comes to residential and vacation rentals of these areas.

Did you know that Topsail Island is a barrier island about situated north of Wilmington and is the perfect family getaway? Every year, thousands of families come to Top Sail for an island vacation and when they do, they look for companies like Sand Dollar Real Estate for vacation rentals.

The website of Sand Dollar Real Estate is a breeze to surf through. I could easily search for my desired property by selecting various options like location, budget and the number of beds and baths.

I think anyone who plans to go to Surf City or Topsail Island should give this site a visit and even register for an account. It is free, anyway!

Booking Cheap Holidays Online

Lawrence said that once he has settled down in Spain he would welcome me when I take my Spain holidays Spain is a beautiful country I have been told. I used to have a Spanish pen-pal but we have already lost touch.

Lawrence has already done research for me on where to book cheap holidays online. He said that even if I book my holiday package at the last minute, I would still be able to get them cheap thanks to last minute deals from Holiday Hypermarket.

I am only afraid of the expensive air ticket but apparently there are cheap flights. Also, Lawrence said that booking all-inclusive holiday packages will save me a tidy sum a well.

I browsed through Holiday Hypermarket and true enough there are literally millions of discounted holiday packages available for the shrewd traveller. The prices are so tempting and it is so convenient to book a package online that I fell like just packing my bags and leaving. I do need a break!

Welcome to San Jose, Costa Rica!

This morning, I received a beautiful postcard from Markus sent from San Jose, Costa Rica. What a surprised as he did not mention that he will be going to Costa Rica for his vacation.

I remember the time my parents went to Costa Rica for their wedding anniversary where they stayed at Hotel San Gildar. They brought home wonderful memories and a stack of photographs! What a beautiful hotel it is situated in upscale Escazu, San Jose.

Hotel San Gildar’s strategic location is excellent for both tourists who visit the East coast and the West coast of Costa Rica. Moreover, the Juan Santa Maria International Airport is only 20 minutes away so it is very convenient.

Coincidentally, Markus also stayed at Hotel San Gildar during his vacation. He told me to check out Hotel San Gildar’s website where there are new photos of the hotel in their online photo gallery.

My parents and Markus also enjoyed the warm Costa Rican hospitality from the staff of Hotel San Gildar. I suspect that this is the hotel I too will be staying in should I visit Costa Rica.

Booking With

The task of arranging for our company annual trip fell on me. It is not something I relish doing as it takes a lot of time and meticulous planning, especially when it is group travel. Moreover, it does not help that the budget management gave us is nothing to shout about. But as luck would have it, it is my responsibility to see to it this time around.

Once again, I rely heavy on my trusty internet and in my search, came across, a website that is dedicated to giving us the best deals in Hotel Reservations. I was quite relieved that I did not have to waste much time searching other websites or worse, booking hotels with them that are way more expensive than what can offer, which is well within our budget.

We are given a hefty rebate for our booking and as this is a group travel, we are eligible for special group rates, which is excellent news indeed.

Before I commit myself to a package, though, I made use of the complete city guide that is available on their website to research and plan our trip. This of course made things so much simpler than I had thought.

I also made a call to their worldwide telephone number and found out that we can also book motels, resorts or vacation rentals and not only hotels. I will have to find out what my colleagues want, then, but I really like the options that are offered to us.

Once I found, I am able to compare their rates with other similar online sites and our local agents and I am delighted to note that with the rebates and discounts offered to us, we actually get to save quite a sum of money. I bet management would be very satisfied with the way I handled this task!

Las Vegas Honeymoon

My cousin, Samantha, came home from a Las Vegas honeymoon with a stack of souvenirs and photos for the family. None of us have ever been to Las Vegas before so we were very happy to see the other side of Las Vegas. We are usually only shown the glitz of Vegas casinos and night shows but my cousin’s photos show the residential areas of people who actually live in Las Vegas and not the tourist spots that are always shown on television or travel brochures.

It is amazing to note that even Las Vegas homes have some kind of glitz to them, let alone Las Vegas luxury condos. We heard that many celebrities own premium Las Vegas real estate too but during her one week vacation in Vegas, Samantha was not lucky enough to spot any real celebrities, except for the look-alikes, especially Elvis Presley look-alikes.

Samantha told me that she met a Las Vegas agent during her stay there who told her that Las Vegas is a very popular city for real estate investment because it is possible to buy a brand new Las Vegas home with zero down payment and no closing cost. This is indeed far more attractive than buying homes in many other cities!