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Printing Business Cards

Last weekend, I bought a color printer all-in-one that has marvelous output of color prints so I went online to search for website that allows free business card printing but my friend told me that I am stupid to waste money on the ink as I can get my cards done at a lower cost from websites like

Moreover, I am assured of perfect prints. If I were to print out my own cards, I may encounter print error and hence, it’s a waste of time, money, energy and not forgetting, stationery supplies! has thousands of card templates that I like. I don’t know which to choose! If I were to order my business cards, I would also love to have letterhead, envelopes and address labels. That would be awesome.

Impressive InterUrban Development

My friend is an architect who is always interested in new developments. Recently, he has been impressed by an Austin real estate developer, InterUrban Development.

Their most recent Austin Condos project is nothing short of amazing thanks to the panoramic views of the city and the surrounding hills. It is designed clean and green, creatively combining a modern design with contemporary floor plans.

He showed me the website of InterUrban Development with plenty of photos of their development projects and I am in awe with the buildings they created. They are so beautiful that people who own a home by InterUrban Development are sure lucky.

Gamma Knife Surgery

When I was in my last year of high school, a classmate of mine was diagnosed with brain tumor. It scared the hell out of us seeing the way she suffered. She underwent surgery the conventional way.

I suddenly thought of her today and her medical misfortune because I just read about a procedure called Gamma Knife Surgery which is the best option for brain tumor patients.

It was bad enough to be diagnosed with brain tumor but to undergo invasive neurosurgery is like a double whammy.

If Gamma Knife Surgery was available during those days, I believe my friend would have received a more accurate and effective treatment for her tumor.

Worldwide Air Ambulance Service

Once, my cousin was working in a cruise ship and he fell ill. The captain called is an air ambulance whereby this airplane flew out to sea and air lifted my cousin from the ship and transported him to land where he was sent promptly to the hospital to receive further medical treatment.

My cousin said that the staff of AeroCare is really dedicated to their work and they go all over the world round the clock to perform such services like what my cousin received. My cousin was really in awe of their professionalism.

My cousin did not know how much such a service caused him company but he was very glad that air ambulance service like this is available for people who need it.

Keeping Allergens At Bay

If you read my other blog, you will know that I am surrounded by animals the whole day and many wondered how I can cope with them in the house. Most people are allergic to cat and dog fur but my family is not suffering from that because we use special pet shampoo that neutralizes allergens created by pet dander.

My sister informed me that there is a product called Allersearch Pet+ that is very good for us. Although it is not sold in major pet supplies retailers but can be easily bought online.

If you are an allergy-sensitive person but would like to keep pets, you can get more info here:

Using Allersearch Pet+, you will enjoy having your pet around and not suffer from allergies. Try it out and you can see the difference.

Projector Rental Made Easy

My sister’s company will be participating in a beauty and fashion trade show in New York City and the task of arranging for it fell on my sister. She has all the “luck” :-)

It is quite difficult given that my sister and her company are actually based in Tennessee and she has to make sure their booth is set up and ready at the trade show where they will also be giving a presentation.

I told her about a projector rental company that they can rent from and have it sent to the venue on time by FedEx. It will be hassle-free since this projector rental company can handle and request within the United States.

My sister was very happy to have found a solution. She had thought that she will have to carry her company’s projector on a flight to New York City.


Roller Blinds For The Home

I was looking for blinds for my hone that is low on maintenance at an affordable price without compromising on quality. My sister told me that the answer is Roller Blinds, which she has also installed in her home.

I didn’t really know what she was referring to, so she showed me the website of where she bought her roller blinds from. She said that she had a satisfactory shopping experience at this online store, that’s why she is recommending it to me.

I really like the roller blinds as they come in so many different designs and will actually make good decorative wall pieces. I could even match the colors with my wall paint and curtains to make it look natural. I am sure that this is just what my home needs!