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The Cow Is Alive!!

Holy Cow! John the Cow is still alive and making moooney once more! Ok, I know this is stale news but then I have been too lazy to sit in front of the computer, too lazy to moblog and in short, just too lazy to blog. PERIOD.

Although I am no fan of the cow and did not subscribe to his feed, I am still happy for him that he looks like he is out of the slaughterhouse. He must be if he is back in business by the looks of all the activities on his blog!

And this is surely good news for all of us who have participated in his $500 contest. The cow is back and the contest is on again. I think I would rather have the iPhone now, and not the Playstation 3. Yes, I am fickle-minded. I am a woman after all! 😀

P/S: I forgot to mention that I came across a contest a few days ago that could bag me a cool pair of shades. Natural Health Remedies is giving away a pair of Pilgrim shades worth $115. I am going to enter the contest and keep all my fingers and toes crossed. I need a pair of shades too, in addition to an iPhone and a Playstation 3 another iPhone.

John Cow’s $500 Giveaway

I actually wanted to do a review of earlier but then I do not see how I could do one and sound positive for someone who rides on another person’s fame and make fun of another person’s family name. I bet John Cow does not recognise a Chinese surname even if it comes and bite his mad cow ass.

Anyway, to my surprise, I checked JohnCow just now and they are now giving out new prizes, any prize at all to the tune of $500. I really want to win a PlayStation 3 😀

The prize is sponsored by John Cow’s webhost and they even have a discount code called JohnCowRocks for a hefty 15% off all web hosting products.

Wooeee I hope I win!

No Better Time Than To Win An iPhone

Well, some of you may know that I absolutely am not happy with my Nokia E61i. It is not that lousy but it annoys, oh damn it sure does! I went to check if the Samsung U740 has arrived but it hasn’t. Is that what I get for living in Malaysia? By the time it reaches me in 2008 or so, a newer, better model would have been released and by then, people from the other side of the world would have been using the U740 as door wedges. *sigh*

Anyway, I have known for a long time that Mr. Gary Lee, the internet marketing guru, is giving away a free iPhone in a blog contest. I have procrastinated but since my bank account balance is not that healthy to be able to afford to ditch my Nokia E61i and the Samsung U740 is still not here yet, I thought I would give this contest a shot. A post on a Page Rank 3 blog only qualifies for ONE miserable entry but hey, an entry is better than none.

Mr. Gary Lee is one industrious guy. He has two projects, one website that sells golf equipment which I have no use for and one website that lists free online coupon promo codes, discounts, bargains and deals. You bet I have use for these!

Actually, I really want to win an iPhone. I could certainly use the spare cash for shopping than to buy another phone! Wish me luck!!!!

Win a Fireplace Contest

Today, my sister excitedly told me about a win a fireplace contest organized by Desa Corporation where she will stand a chance to win a 32-inch fireplace, including her choice of mantel design and either propane or natural gas.

She said it is like a sweepstakes where she just selects what she would like to win, and fill out the form provided with her personal particulars like name, address, email address and preferred gas type.

She is very excited because Desa Corporation is one of the leading companies dealing in indoor and outdoor heating. According to my sister, if she wins a fireplace, the timing will be just right for the housewarming party that she has planned last month, as the winner will be chosen on July 1st, 2007. I am also excited on her behalf!

“As The World Turns” In Your Home

This is a contest that is too hard to resist posting. If you like watching the soap opera, “As The World Turns”, Click here to enter the contest right now where you will stand to win the chance of having two of the stars Austin Peck and Terri Columbino come to your house to do your housework, plus, you will also receive a check of $5000.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to spend the day with celebrities, this is you chance to find out. Not only will you get to spend time with them, you will get to have them at home, doing your chores!