Decorative Bath Shower Faucets

My friend, Paul, who is a designer and architect, says it is therapeutic to redecorate his house once in awhile. He said he needs it to release stress that comes with his tight work schedule.

This summer, he is going to redecorate his bathrooms and he showed me a bath shower faucet which he said he will buy matching ones for the two bathrooms.

I wondered aloud why he wants to get them changed when his current ones are perfectly find. He told me that a good shower faucet can be like a hydro massager and that is what he needs after a long day at work.

After seeing the many shower faucets available on, I have got to agree with him! Also, I find that the faucets sold by Shower Buddy could actually be decorative items for the bathrooms when they are not in use thanks to their unique designs.

Widget Mate

Last month, I received a couple of spam comments from two guys (or it could be one guy with different IDs) touting their news widget. Well, I am sorry to say I never publish irrelevant comments. Anyway, I did check out the website and I think it is a great free tool, so I decided to give them a friendly buzz :-)

I love using news widget. If you check out my sister blog, you can find MyCen News and Tech feeds there. Actually, I did not embed WidgetMate because the news are mainly international headlines and I prefer national news since I do not even have time to read the papers and the only way to get some news is through the widget on my own blog.

I did try out WidgetMate, though and find it highly customizable and user-friendly. Perfect for people like me who get lost in codes! WidgetMate allows you to change almost everything about the widget including the layout, font, color and size to match the theme of your own blog or website.

Right now, only the news widget is available but widgets for funny quotes, sports and humor of the day are in the works. I think it would be great if there is a widget that only displays my own blog entries. That would be awesome!

Dazzling Jewelry From White Flash

I came across a website that sells jewelry when my sister asked me to help her look for reasonably priced engagement rings. She knows that I spend a lot of time on the internet and should know where to get great deals.

Well, I certainly have great news to share about I think that this is a very classy site and the jewelry pieces are simply dazzling. I was taken in particularly by an amazing pair of diamond stud earrings but I have to keep reminding myself that I am here to look for engagement rings and nothing else. Boy, as it tempting!

However, it is great to note that the prices are so reasonable. I have seen other jewelry selling at prices that are almost double. I am sure my sister will be delighted with my discovery!

I Participated In A Blog Carnival BUT ……

So sad! I submitted my post My New Blogging Efforts in a Blog Carnival a couple of days ago but it was not selected. I know I submitted past the deadline but I thought I wrote a pretty good post so I did not want to wait for the next round.

I know that my post was read by the host of the blog carnival but I am not sure if I was excluded because I was late or if my post was not up to standard. Or perhaps I was out of point.

So what now? Do I have to write another post for the upcoming Blog Carnival by the same host or do I wait and see if my post would appear in the Blog Carnival and then if it is not, write a fresh post and submit to a new carnival? Or do I just forget about this particular carnival and look for another one with another topic?

I really do want to participate in Carnivals but it is not easy to find Carnivals with topics that interest me. Oft times, I even did not know of a Carnival until it was over. I guess I need to keep better track of the dates but time flies!

Also, I would not be taking up the free SEO tutorial because I am unable to commit to a 650-word article everyday! I guess I will have to do it my own way *sigh*

The Challenges Of A Tattoo Artist

I know of a blogger who is a real life tattoo artist. He told me about a website where one could purchase tattoos and then download it on our computer and print it out. I think it is remarkable.

He said that many of his clients are doing this and it actually saves time thumbing through the designs that he offers. His clients who are mostly internet savvy will now search the internet for the designs that they like first and then bring to him to tattoo on their body.

This blogger also told me that he finds it very challenging because he does not know what sort of designs his clients will bring and some are really complex and he has to replicate the art as real as possible or his clients will be very mad! Hahah!

I guess being a tattoo artist is not so easy at all in the internet age!

Yahoo!’s Unlimited Mail Storage

Did you notice that Yahoo! has upgraded our email accounts with unlimited storage? I don’t know when it actually happened but I noticed it last week. I first got wind of this new development from Cyberpartygal‘s blog post, Unlimited Yahoo! Mail Storage in May but it isn’t something that I looked forward to.

My Yahoo! Mail account has been hijacked by spammers and there is nothing I could do but close it down, except that I have signed up with some websites with my Yahoo! email address. I don’t get it why some sites need us to sign in with an email address. Isn’t a user ID enough anymore? Don’t they know that email accounts could be closed? A couple of years ago, three of my email providers closed without prior notice and left me with a sticky situation of writing in to the various websites to have my log in ID changed because the email was no longer valid.

Anyway, back to Yahoo!’s unlimited storage, I don’t think that it is anymore more useful to me than it was last month. I have been using Google’s suite of services primarily for ages now and this new development won’t change a thing.

The only feature that I am looking forward with an unlimited email account is an unlimited attachment size. What is the use of an unlimited mail storage account when we could not even send a decent sized file?

Interesting Post On The Blog Revolution

For the past couple of days, I have been actively visiting blogs and leaving comments on interesting posts. One of the blogs that caught my eye is The Blog Revolution.

One of the posts on The Blog Revolution, Government Run Gas Stations and Refineries, caught my eye. Mike, the author, suggested that Government set up their own refineries and gas stations to compete with oil and gas corporations in a bid to bring down rising gas prices while channeling profits back to the community.

I totally have to support this excellent idea. As you know, Malaysia is an oil producing country as well. Once our national oil company was corporatized, gas prices were left unchecked but of course, it is still semi-government and we were made to believe that our gas prices are still subsidized, which I believe is untrue based on the millions of Ringgit profit annually.

My sister, who lives in Tennessee, has complained once too often of rising gas prices. According to her, even when world market price dipped, there was no change in the retail gas that she buys from the station, or at least it was not significant enough to be noticed.

If there were Government run gas stations, I believe that these will receive public support if prices are comparable to what we are buying now or even a little higher, knowing that in the end, the community will be benefiting from the profit. It is way better than buying from oil and gas corporations at sky high prices and filling out the pockets of the bosses.

What do you think? Do you agree with Mike?

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