Blog Sponsorship

I actually know of a couple of big time bloggers who have sponsors who provide products or services to the bloggers, and not cash. The sponsors will in turn receive either a mention in every blog post with a link back to their homepage or a banner advertisement.

This is actually a win-win situation for both parties. Imagine if your read my blog of original posts without me touting a product, website or service, but I always sign off my post with the line: “This blog is sponsored by Company ABC” or “This post is made possible by Company XYZ” or even “Please visit my sponsor, Syarikat 123”.

I think that sponsorships like these are non-intrusive and are better in the long run but not many companies are willing to try it out. Aiihhh cheapo!

But of course, the blogger has to present readership data and demographics in order to win over a sponsorship. I wonder when my blogging can reach that level, if ever! It would be awesome when that day comes!

Cutting-Edge Marketing Secrets Revealed

I have always been interested in marketing and believe that it can actually make or break a business. Effective marketing can turn a business 360 degrees so it is up to us to find the best marketing plan, not only in business, but in work and life in general.

Today, I came across a blog where a Reformed Adult Webmaster Reveals Cutting-Edge Marketing Secrets.

I have always enjoyed reading unconventional thoughts, methods and techniques and there are plenty generously dispensed on this blog. This blog may be new, but it is not lacking in content.

I have gained new knowledge and plan to implement what I have learned.

It’s A Competitive Market

The Paid to Blog marketplace is so competitive, advertisers can basically pick and choose what amount they want to offer to have bloggers spread the word.

Last month, I wrote a few sponsored posts from a marketplace. The money wasn’t great but it’s still money and the tasks were pretty simple. Only a minimum of a hundred words per post and I can type out a hundred words in less than ten minutes.

Anyway, this marketplace is SO quiet that for the rest of the month, I did not get any fresh offers and I was left wondering if I would be paid at all. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my payment from them this morning after one long month. The month seemed long as I was waiting for my payment :-)

Sometimes, when I hear or read people complaining about the lack of offers to write sponsored posts, I wonder, how long can this last? I know it’s here to stay but will mall time bloggers like me be sidelined? Is the pie only large enough for professional bloggers? We shall have to see.

Sci-Edge For Scientists Wannabe

A blog reader asked me if I know of any community site that he could hang out with like-minded people like him. He is a scientist wannabe and find that not many people understand his theories. He thought that I know since I practically live on the internet.

Well, the good news is that he can now hangout at the newly launched social networking portal for people just like him at This site was just launched on 2nd April, 2007 and it is new but this is where people come in and start BUILDING the community.

I do understand that it can be boring and lonely working on the computer the whole day and I try to encourage people to join a community like a forum or a social networking site like Sci-Edge. People can actually interact and forge great friendships even on the internet, which I myself have experienced.

With a full-featured social portal like Sci-Edge, it is all the more fun being a member of. If you have enjoyed MySpace, you will enjoy this twice more. I find Sci-Edge easier to navigate and has a better layout and great speed. These are factors that make it user-friendly and that’s why people keep coming back.

Join me at Sci-Edge if you are looking for science hobbyists like yourself!

Pending, Pending, Pending

Last month, in my post “Are You Kidding Me?“, I wrote about an awful new paid to blog (or blog for pay) marketplace where we have to bid for the job and my bids were left in a pending status for ages. Well, they are, up to this point, STILL pending.

I found that I am actually not the only person. Does that make me feel better? I don’t know, but it shows me how irresponsible advertisers are. They rather put our bids on hold while waiting for a better (equals lower) bid to come along by a better (equals higher Google PageRank) blogger.

I mean, if our blogs are not suitable, just reject us straightaway. Why leave us high and dry with no decision and no closure, right? Or if you, the advertiser, feel that our bid is too high, just make a counter offer, but please be realistic and realise that no, we are not going to get 100% of what you are paying, just 65% of it.

Please make it worth our time to craft out a really good piece of writing for you.

Japanese Anime BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo

I have been watching Japanese cartoon since the days of Ultraman and diligently packed in episodes of Dragonball, Sailormoon and Pokemon. It is strange indeed that I find Japanese anime really entertaining despite not knowing Japanese at all and depending solely on subtitles.

Thanks to Cartoon Network, I have my fair share of Japanese anime, the latest is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. If you have watched this afro-haired guy before, you will know how hilarious he can be. Many of my friends who are adults also find it highly entertaining and I am not surprised!


Recently, the DVD release of BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo was criticized by fans for having English script. Fans wanted the as original as possible, which Japanese subtitles. Illumitoon actually listened to the fans and offered a trade-in program for anyone who wants to exchange their copy of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo with English subtitles to one with Japanese translated subtitles. For me, I personally prefer one with English subtitles.


If you are not familiar with BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo, then you should Check out the Official Website!


As a warning though, BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo’s golden Afro-hairdo will take some getting used to but watch it long enough and you will get to love the guy and his antics.

Finally Caught Up With Blogging

So Easter is finally over and I crazily spent the whole Easter weekend practically blogging and blogging. There was almost no sponsored post to write since it was a three-day holiday weekend in the United States so I took this break to catch up on my blogs. The passion blogs are still sorely neglected, though :-(

Each day, I was churning out more than ten original posts. Not that it was difficult but it can be pretty boring just writing away all alone facing the computer. That’s why I need a laptop or a internet enabled mobile phone so that I can blog lying down on my bed or show off in Coffee Bean hehehe

Thankfully, I have a friend to keep me company via SMS. I would message him via instant messenger and he would receive my text messages on his phone and he would then reply me via SMS. I hope that he would not curse me when his phone bill arrives. SMS from the US to me is not cheap for him hehehe

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