Category Archives: WordPress Issues Security Breach suffered a security breach the other day, and three plug-ins AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache were found to have backdoor Trojans. People at rolled back these three plug-ins as a temporary measure to shut out the backdoor Trojans after confirming that the developers of these three plug-ins did not make any such changes to their plug-ins.

As a blogger with multiple WordPress blogs, I cannot remember which of my blogs are using any of these plug-ins. I know I used to use AddThis but would have to check every single blog to see which one still uses it. Bleh… My friend told me that i shouldn’t install plugins unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Obviously, I only install what I need and the reason WordPress is so popular is because it’s powerful thanks to all the plug-ins that make it function how we want it to. Duh!

As you are

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List Post Tags On A Page (WordPress)

Today, I suddenly had the idea to list out all my tags used on my WordPress blog posts and put them all in a new Page. On one of my blogs, I have 99 tags and I find that it’s not friendly to my readers to have to access my post first and then only click on a tag.

So I went searching for WordPress plugins to see which could meet my requirements. So this is how I did it.

I first used Tag Dropdown Widget WordPress plugin to list out all my tags. This goes in a sidebar widget, with the option to list out the tags in a full list or drop down menu. I could also choose to have my tags listed by alphabetical order or the most used tag at the top. In addition, I could also set the number or tags shown.

Once Tag Dropdown Widget has been set up, I install another WordPress plugin called Add Widgets To Page. As you probably already know, we cannot put our widgets in a Page so I have to use a plug in to make this work. I’d have to say that although Add Widgets To Page worked for me as I wanted it to, it is not perfect because I cannot undo some of my “mistakes”, though these are all on my backend and hidden from public view.

I couldn’t delete the widget settings that I accidentally created even though there is a delete button. I had to go to my Cpanel, then phpMyAdmin and then WP-Options. Scroll through all the tables and the edit the table associated with Add Widgets To Page.

WordPress plugins used:
1. Tag Dropdown Widget
2. Add Widgets To Page

How To Move WordPress Blog To Another Server And/Or Change Domain Name

Log in to Old Server (Cpanel):
go to File Manager:
compress folder that you are moving (.zip)
download the compressed (.zip) file to computer
delete the compressed (.zip) file from this server

go to phpMyAdmin:
find the corresponding database (click on it on left sidebar)
click on Export tab
click “Select All” to export all files
make sure format is SQL
*leave other values as default
click on GO button
save file to computer

Exit Old Server

Important: make a copy of both the compressed file and SQL file on your computer. Always work on copies only.

Log in to New Server (Cpanel)
go to File Manager –> public_html
upload the compressed (.zip) file
extract the file (make sure all files and folders are in Web ROOT or an appropriate folder if moving to subdomain or directory)
delete the compressed (.zip) file

Go To Control Panel –> My SQL Databases
Create Database
Create User — make sure to copy down Password
Give all Privileges to User
Link User to Database

Go to File Manager
Edit wp_config.php

New Database Name
Database User
Database Password

SAVE changes


Edit the copy of SQL file saved to computer earlier.
Use a Text Editor to Search and Replace all paths then SAVE file.

*If changing domain names: Search and Replace old domain and change to new one.
*Do the same if changing email address.


Return to Cpanel of New Server:

Go to phpMyAdmin
Select the corresponding Database created earlier (click on the Database link on left sidebar)
Click Import tab
Upload the editted SQL file from computer
Make sure character set is the same (usually utf8)
Make sure format is SQL
Leave other values as default

Click GO button


Once upload of SQL file is completed, check if your site is working by going to http://IP ADDRESS/~login ID/ on your browser

You should be able to see your site. Time to change Nameservers.

To check if your Nameservers have been changed successfully, use Command Prompt on your computer (the black box) and type:

ping (domain name)
example: ping

Note: Nameservers will need 24 to 48 hours to completely propagate.

After changing Nameservers, go to WordPress dashboard and reSAVE Permalinks structure.
If Permalinks still do not work, you may need to delete .htaccess from your server. Back up this file before deleting.
If further troubleshooting is required, delete your Plugins folder or go back to default theme.
Once everything looks fine, regenerate Sitemap.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools to resubmit Sitemap.

After a day or two, go to Webmaster Tools to check for crawl errors.

Moving WordPress Blogs Across Servers

I had some problems with my server and my friend suggested that I separate all my blogs into different servers, basically one domain name, one server. That was an excellent idea, I thought but the problem is that no one was willing to do it for me since I have quite a few blogs!

The friend who proposed this was about to do it for me after letting me wait one weekend but then something came up with his own blogs, and he was not free to take care of my problems. So OK, I waited another week. Unfortunately, my new server was so slow, we were both fed-up of waiting. When it was normal again, I decided that I should postpone migration as now I doubt if I should do it.

And then my friend said that i should learn to do it myself. He said that he too learned to do it himself and if I do not learn, since I have so many blogs, I would forever be relying on others. Don’t forget, I’m not asking him to do it for me for free. if he doesn’t want to earn some pocket money, then fine!

Right now, I am reading up on how to move my WordPress blogs from one server to another. It doesn’t seem as easy as my friend said it is. Bluff me!

My WordPress Blog Is Broken

The thing that I have dreaded the most since hosting my own blog has happened. While this is not the first time this has happened, this is definitely the first time that I am not able to fix it within one day. At the time of writing, it’s almost two days now and as you can imagined, I am totally stressed out.

This happened when I installed a plugin and when it did not work as it was supposed to, I installed and reinstalled, activated and deactivated and I guess this was when it happened. Now, even with this offending plugin removed, some of my other plugins aren’t functioning like they used to and they are all messing up my blog, so much so that I have to disable them for the time being.

The problem is that this happened to not one but two of my WordPress blogs and while I could fix one blog by just deleting my .htaccess file, the other couldn’t be fixed this way. Believe me, I have tried all possible ways to replicate the solution on the second blog but it’s just not happening and I am at a dead-end.

While I may be able to live with two of the three plugins that no longer work, there is one critical plugin that I must get working and the longer it doesn’t work, the uglier my blog looks to me. Lesson to learn, don’t simply install plugins. There will be no technical support provided most of the time!

Migrating WordPress Blog To Another Server

It looks like even though I have already streamlined my WordPress blog as much as I could, I am still using a lot of bandwidth. My web host has told me that I should upgrade to the next package, which would double my cost, and double my disk space and bandwidth but I am not willing because I have been paying, these past three years, a price that I should be getting this “double of everything” package. And besides, my host didn’t help me to look for bandwidth leak and kept asking me to upgrade, which is not a solution right now.

So I am thinking of migrating my WordPress blog to my primary monster hosting account which is allocated with 100,000 MB bandwidth which is shared with a few lower traffic blogs. Now, the problem is how to do that. I have been researching the web and people are saying to backup databases and move files from one server to another. That sounds easy but I know that it is not this easy when one actually does it.

I have found some WordPress plugins that promise to clone our WordPress blog which we can then restore it on another server. HHmmm they are not cheap though, and engaging the services of WordPress migration is US$100 per blog!


WordPress Visual Editor Not Displaying

Although I have blogged on self-hosted WordPress blogs for a number of years now, I have had the visual editor disabled for all my blogs. Last night, I enabled the visual editor for one of my blogs which has he latest WP installed as I wanted to edit my images within the Compose page but to my dismay, the visual editor is not showing!

This sometimes happen, probably because of a slow internet connection, so I cleared the cache of my browser, switched browsers and also logged in and out of my WordPress blog. I even waited for a few hours before trying again and it is still the same! I am running Windows 7 and my other WordPress blogs seem fine, only this one!

I have been looking online for a fix but couldn’t find one yet. Some people have found a temporary fix by using an older Internet Explorer browser. Well, I don’t have that anymore but I do have IE Compatibility View and it is still not helping. Anyway, if you know of a “dummy” way to fix this, please let me know. Thank you!