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Nokia 1520 Launched In Malaysia

The 6-in monster from Nokia, the Nokia 1520, has been launched in Malaysia. It’s priced at RM2159 but pre-order price is RM1999, free


At first, I thought it would be my dream phone but after reading reviews, even bigger sized Caucasians are saying that it’s too large for them.

Also, the camera is not as good as Nokia 1020, plus, it is just as slow when firing up the camera, and it takes another moment or two to save the two image sizes.

Nah… I’ll just continue to decide between Nokia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. So, which one, eh??

Samsung Gear

I am seriously considering buying the

latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I have tried it out numerous times at the shops. I think this is the device I have tried out the most times at shops.

But then, I think some telco companies offered the Samsung Gear worth RM999 for free for acheter viagra early birds, which I am no longer qualified for, I think, since I am late.

Gah, does anyone know of a good deal for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its Gear

in Malaysia, especially in Ipoh?



Windows Mobile

I am just dying for a new mobile phone because the one I am using now is giving me too much trouble. It has been acting up for a long time already, and I have just held on, and now I think I have had enough.

But with so many choices of phones in the market, and honestly, I do have the budget for any high end phone right now, I still cannot decide which one to buy.

I am planning to go with Nokia Lumia 1020 because of it’s apparently awesome camera, or maybe the Lumia 1520 because I just love 6in screens.

But then again, the Lumia trademark will probably be taken off the market next year when Microsoft completely takes over Nokia.

Moreover, Nokia Lumia runs Windows, which my friend advised, is not work getting simply because buy pills

its apps store isn’t as mature iOS or Android.

So, how?? sale duetact

What Do I Want In A Mobile Phone?

Actually, the answer is very simple. I want a phone

with an exceptional camera. I think it is Nokia Lumia 1020, right now, but I am not sure. My friend said I have been conned….really?

I need to check out real life photos from real users. And not press photos.

Anyway, the price

is too high right now, and it is not so affordable for me. Perhaps, seeing how Nokia Lumia prices have dropped for previous units in the past, I should just hold tight to my purse strings and wait?

What other mobile phones can deliver sharp photos even in low light?

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Between Nokia Lumia 1020 & Samsung Note 3

Both devices are going to be launched in Malaysia on Sept. 19th and 20th respectively. I am seriously in need of a new phone because my current phone has been giving me problems.

But which one should I get? My friend, who is in close contact with insiders of Samsung Malaysia, told me to standby RM2600, if that is what I want.

As for Nokia Lumia cheap septilin infection 1020, I am also expecting it to be priced above RM2000, possibly around RM2200 to RM2300.

So, which should I get??? Pills

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Those of you following my blog would know that I am looking for a mobile phone with a good camera.

My friend told me not to get Nokia Lumia 1020, which was my top choice last week due to its 41MP camera. His reason was that W8 will lose out to iOS and Andriod. I actually don’t mind because I don’t use too many apps, and if the camera is good, I don’t think I mind paying for the apps that I need.

Well, the next good one is Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, which has an optical zoom, very much like a regular compact camera, except that it is a mobile phone too.

Sure, there are many choices in the market, but I only have one sum of money to spend on a mobile phone. Which should I get? I don’t know.
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Nokia Lumia 1020

I am really excited about this soon-to-be-launched new smart phone from Nokia. Frankly, I have not been so excited about a smart phone since… well, never before.

For one, this Lumia spots

a 41MP camera, which I know may not mean much. That’s why, I am waiting to see how it performs in real life, when the phone is finally available in the market.

Even so, what will be off putting may be the price. I expect it to be no less than RM2500 in Malaysia, anything cheaper will be a bonus.

And of course, I wouldn’t be buying it in the first six months that it is launched.

Am I really ready to move from Android to Windows? I am not so sure about that but I do know that I am almost dying for a new phone.

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