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Microsoft Acquires Nokia Mobile

Microsoft has put up a proposal to acquire the mobile unit of Nokia for a sum of about EUR5 billion. This deal will go through pending shareholders approval.

Well, I have been waiting for Nokia Lumia 1020 to come to Malaysia, but the Pills imuran generic name iv lasix cost

pills online last I read, it will only be here in the fourth quarter of 2013.

With this development, I think I will wait and see. What will change if Microsoft takes over Nokia?

And how much will Lumia 1020 be selling in Malaysia? That’s a critical factor to take into consideration.

Nokia Apologises For Lumia 920 Video Gaffe

Nokia, in a blog post, offered an apology for a gaffe in their recent media conference for the launch of their new flagship Lumia 920 smartphone. The video clip screened was taken to be filmed using the new phone but a reflection in a window revealed that it was shot using another type of camera.

Nokia admitted that they should have put a disclaimer stating this fact. The video was supposed to show the kind of quality using OIS, which is what the Lumia 920 would have, although it was not shot with the phone yet.

Nokia has been struggling to keep their market share but with this gaffe, which angered people, it is yet another blow to the company.

Apple – Most Valuable Company In History

Apple’s bull run on the Wall Street to US$664.75 a share has helped the company become the most valuable in history to about US$622 billion, surpassing Microsoft’s 1999 record of $619 billion.

The surge in Apple share price came on rumour that Apple is poised to release new versions of Apple iPhone, iPad and Apple TV devices. How many people are actually waiting for these, even though they already have one? What’s the point of chasing after technology when you know this is a game that you cannot win?

Of course, the clear cut winner is Apple!

Hackers Take Data of 8.7m KT Korean Mobile Phone Users

Two alleged hackers have been arrested in Korea for their part in hacking into Korea’s second largest mobile service provider, KT, and taking the residential date of almost half its registered users. It is reported that with this information, the hackers could have sold the it for $800,000.

It’s scary to think that when we are registered with a company for a certain service, it is so easy to have our information compromised.

Recently, I purchased something on the internet with my credit card. After a short while, it so happened that I had to change my credit card, with a new number. Ah, I was quite relieved that this new number is not logged anywhere on the internet! Wait a minute… it is. On mt online banking account!

Mobile Photo-Sharing App Instagram Sold For US$1 billion

Facebook has announced, earlier this week, that they are acquiring popular mobile photo-sharing application, Instagram, for US$1 billion, in cash and shares. This certainly has made the developers instantly wealthy. Strangely, the app, which is free and used to be available for iPhone users only, never made a dime. And now, just a week after making it available for Android phones, it has made US$1 billion. Seeing that it is acquired by Facebook, it will soon be on that social network as well.

Personally, although I have Instagram installed on both my iPhone and Motorola which runs Android, I have never used this app before. I am not much of a sharer of personal photos but what really turned me away was that I had to register to start using the app. Bah!

Well, come to think of it, I could soon log in with my Facebook ID. Hah!

New Yahoo! CEO Purges 2000 Employees

The newly appointed CEO of Yahoo! Scott Thompson, has just given the pink slip to 2,000 employees, in a bid to salvage the company. One doesn’t feel “safe” working in a private company these days, unlike government jobs where employees are deemed to have “steel rice bowls”.

The internet is a very fluid economy. Now we see it, now we don’t. Yahoo! used to be THE site we all use. Now it’s Google and also Facebook. How long can Yahoo! stand the heat? They need to revamp the entire site and not clutter it up.

Google and Facebook used to be minimalists but not anymore. I don’t like them as much anymore. What about you?

iPad 3 Possibly Hit Malaysia in March

I have been reading a lot about iPad 3 rumours lately. As someone who has been holding on my purchase of the iPad since the first generation, I am looking forward to check out the third iPad and you know what? Rumour has it that it will hit Malaysian market as soon as late March. That’s like two months more ONLY.

Some friends are telling me that there aren’t much changes compared to iPad 2 in iPad 3, and if I could hold of purchasing the iPad 2, I could do the same with iPad 3. Some others say that if I didn’t feel the need to have an iPad why start carrying an extra device? LOL