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Housewarming Gift

My friend, Mike, is going to hold a housewarming party soon and I am invited! The problem with housewarming parties is that I feel like I should get him a household gift. A friend suggested I get one of the Austin air purifiers from Best Vacuum, since Mike is asthmatic and having an air purifier would improve air quality.

Best Vacuum is an authorized dealer in some of the leading brands in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and air filter products. This friend told me that I would be able to get a very good price from them.

This is great news for me since I am about to bust my budget for the month! But an air purifier I will get since it will help Mike’s health!

Look Like A Celebrity!

I came across a very interesting online store that sells custom extensions and hairpieces that are made of real human hair. has the largest online selection of custom wigs and hairpieces that are in-stock and ready to ship.

These lace front wigs and hairpieces are of high quality with many celebrity looking styles and could even be custom made.

Why go for cheap wigs that are of poor quality when you can get a genuine Remy Hair wig that is as affordable? These wigs can be dyed to match your hair color and look as natural as can be.

Check out and get a new celebrity look instantly!

Generating Positive Leads With The Lead Dogs

One thing I like about working in my company is its aggressive approach towards seeking solutions to the problems that the company faces. There was recently a dip in sales and our management aggressively pursued business leads with the services of a lead generation company to generate more leads that WILL convert into sales.

Before engaging the services of this company, we downloaded case studies of clients that have been successful with the leads generated by this company. We were very careful as we had bad experiences with other lead generation companies that were not able to perform as promised.

My company has been happy with The Lead Dogs as we managed to have a pretty quick turnaround thanks to the positive leads generated.

Inner Smile!

The other day, I had the opportunity to listen to a recorded interview with a marriage counselor. She said that every time she is annoyed with something, she will tell herself, “Inner smile!” and she will conjure up an image of upturned lips and twinkly eyes.

Since then, whenever I get annoyed, especially when people come asking me for money as if I have a flourishing money tree, I will tell myself, “Inner smile, girl!”

You may wonder if this works, well most times it does. Not only do I conjure up a virtual smile in my mind, I also think of some joke or something that made me laugh. It helps when you have joker friends who crack jokes like nobody’s business all the time. I’m glad I do have friends like these to cheer me up. It sure beats searching the internet for jokes.