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Win A Night’s Stay @ 2-Room Service Suite – Kinta Riverfront Hotel

Have you heard? Ipoh blog Emily2U is giving away a chance to stay for a night at Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites – not the hotel but the 2-room service suite. How awesome is that?

She has already given out three vouchers in two previous rounds of giveaways and she said this two vouchers are the last she would be giving out in awhile. So if you intend to visit Ipoh, this is a good opportunity to try your luck. Who knows? Maybe you would get to visit Ipoh at a reduced cost?

To participate, check out the link I am enclosing below. Instructions are stated there, just follow accordingly. Good luck!

Win 5 X RM50 Vouchers To Dine At The Limestone’s Restaurant, Ipoh

Here’s good news if you are in Ipoh, or will be in Ipoh between now to 30th June, 2012. Emily2U blog is giving away five RM50 cash vouchers in a luck draw. All you need to do is read the giveaway post and follow the rules. Once done, your name will be entered into the draw, where five lucky winners would be selected randomly.

Instructions are in this blog post Instructions are clearly stated, or just check it out quickly at Comment Number 1.

Contest ends at 11.59pm on 20th April, 2012. All the best to all of us!

Google TV Contest

This is so unfair! Google is running a contest where they are giving away Google TV as prizes, up to one hundred of 46” Sony Internet TV with Google TV and it is only available to people in the United States, who are 18 years old and above and a registered user of YouTube.

This contest started on 13th Dec, 2010 and will end on 22nd December 2010. To participate, one would have to submit a video to YouTube (latest by 22nd Dec, 2010) and the video will have to be about you telling why you think Google TV is cool. Only one video is allowed per user.

Video has to be one minute in length maximum and in English. Otherwise, it will be disqualified. Winning videos will be determined by a panel of judges. And decision is final. BOO!

“Doodle 4 Google – I love Football” Competition For Children

Google has just announced a competition called “Doodle 4 Google – I love Football” for children and teenagers around the world from 4 to 17 years old. I think that this theme is inspired by FIFA World Cup that will begin in June. Participants will have to come up with an original design of a Google logo that centralizes on the theme of football. For your information, some people know football as soccer.

Google says that submissions will be judged on artistic merit, creativity and the representation of the theme of “I Love Football”. I think that because of the vast difference in age, this competition will be broken down in a few categories. I am not sure about this though, but it is certainly not possible for a four year old to compete with a 17 year old.

All national winners will be automatically entered into the global competition where entries from around the world will be open for votes from the public. The overall winning design will be used on Google homepage of all participating countries sometime in July, 2010.

How Does Improved Vision Impact You?

I once read that more than 70% of the population needs their vision corrected, either with contact lens or glasses. My vision isn’t perfect either but I can still do without glasses for the time being. I am glad, seeing how troublesome it is for some of my “four-eyed” friends. Those who wear contact lens have to take extra care.

But for people who have taken the leap and corrected their vision with iLASIK laser treatment, they should participate in this iLASIK Video Contest where they could submit their homemade video and share how laser treatment to correct their vision has changed their life. So far, there are already video submissions showing how iLASIK impact their lives, for example, the ability to indulge in vigorous sports, which they were not able to before iLASIK.

Participants then have to solicit votes for their videos, which can be done once a day per voter, but the number of votes is not the only factor in determining the winner. Top videos stand a chance to win $5000 cash, HDTV packages worth $2500 each and Flip UltraHD™ camcorders.

This contest is open to residents of the United States of America including the District of Columbia who are at least 21 years old. So if you qualify and have a story to tell, what are you waiting for? Get that video camera out now!


Win a Domain or Threadless Tee From NameCheap

If you are a NameCheap customer like I am, and use Twitter like I do, here is good news for you. NameCheap is giving us a chance to win free domain names and Threadless tees from today until Aug 28, 2009.

All you need to do is just send out a tweet with the following sentence: “hey @namecheap, you should play this band at your #hostingparty (URL)” replacing the URL with the web address of your favorite music. It could be on MySpace, YouTube or the website of an artist.

This party is to celebrate the second anniversary of NameCheap’s very successful NameCheap Hosting where they now have more than 10,000 happy customers. What they are looking for is a music mixtape with music suggested by their customers.

Every day for three days, NameCheap is giving away two Threadless tees and four domain names. Of course, these domain names are for the first year only. Are these prizes good enough for you? Unfortunately, NameCheap did not mention if this contest is open worldwide. I know they could give away free domain names to winners around the world but I am not sure about the Threadless tees.

Day In The Cloud Challenge

Google Apps and Virgin America are running an international challenge called Day In The Cloud in conjunction with Virgin America’s launch of in-flight WiFi access to its passengers across their fleet.

This Challenge, which will be held on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009, is open for everyone, whether they are flying on that day or not, but only residents 18 years and above of the 50 states in the United States and District of Columbia are eligible to participate.

Duration of the Challenge is one hour and they have set up a website just for this purpose at I tried out their practice game just for fun and the questions seem quite tough. However, that’s the whole point. They want us to look for the answers using any of the available Google application. I would love to be able to participate in this Challenge. After all, there’s a netbook to be won! And free Virgin America air tickets too!