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Face-Blurring Technology On YouTube

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has just introduced a new face-blurring tool on the site, which allows users to blur “all” faces on video with a simple click. It is not error-free and some faces would be undetected, hence not blurred. Right now, we are not allowed to only blur specific faces.

This is considered a major step for a video sharing site and in fact, YouTube is the only website that offers this. Face-blurring uses the same technology as Google’s Street View which blurs the license plate of vehicles. The technology has been ported to YouTube.

Anyway, despite being able to blur faces, sometimes we can still pick out people or places, especially if we are familiar with the location so it’s still not entirely safe.

Celcom Tablet Plans

Eerrmmm I am trying my best not to succumb to one of those attractive tablet plans offered by Celcom. I know I don’t need one, and a friend is soon giving me his iPad 2 as he has a new tablet – an Android, but it is so cheap to commit to one plan since I am already paying a lot of money to subscribe to my current mobile 3G and voice plan.

After checking the prices, I may even pay less for my monthly subscription…. I need to go to the Celcom office to confirm this first but it sure looks like it. And with just a few hundred bucks, I could have another device…. in addition to the iPad 2 that my friend is giving me. It’s used but what the heck, it’s white!

Aih… dilemma. Why I do even need a tablet now???

Facebook App Center

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature on their site, called App Center. It is like a bazaar of applications, currently offering some 600 “high quality” apps.

According to Facebook, with this App Center, it makes it easier for users of Facebook to choose the apps that they want to download, install and use. Users could also check their friends’ Facebook page to see which apps they are using.

Facebook is continuously looking for app developers to develop apps for them, or at least have them available to Facebook users. Apps are meant to make users stay at the main site longer, to enable advertisers to better target their market.

Doctor Directory

A friend recently wrote an email to me asking for my opinion. Some years ago, she underwent plastic surgery after getting involved in a horrid accident. Now that she has completely emotionally gotten over the incident, she would like to thank her plastic surgeon.

The best possible solution I could dispense is to check Doximity,com. This is like an online doctor directory for doctors in the United States and one could easily search for the doctor, if he or she is registered with the site.

If Paul Mueller, MD was the name of the doctor, we could just key in this name into the search box. Obviously, we could narrow down our search if we have more information.

This is a good way to track down doctors, don’t you think so?

plugin-container.exe Freezing Firefox

I am damn pissed that this plugin-container.exe is getting more and more annoying. I don’t know what suddenly went wrong but now, I am facing a freezing of my browser for more than 50 times in the 24 hours that I have my browser open, and working on. Each freeze would take at least 30 seconds, sometimes up to a few minutes, before I could work again. Sometimes, it just took soooo long, I had to kill my browser and restart.

Since yesterday, I even have my Task Manager perpetually opened and each time my browser freezes, I go to Task manager and end the process of this stupid plugin-container.exe. And I noticed that each time this happens, all widgets on the web pages that I have opened, report of a crash in Adobe flash. Duh!

What is happening??? Any solutions???

Top Ten Web Hosts

A friend, who just started a new restaurant in town, plans to set up a website for his business, to create online exposure. It’s so new, and as a stand-alone restaurant, it is a really difficult task to break into the market, unless he has something different to offer. I haven’t visited his restaurant since his launch so I can’t tell right now. He did brief me on his concept but I don’t see how outstanding it is, yet.

He asked me for a helping hand with the website, seeing how I have been online for so many years already but I do not have the time to guide him from scratch. I did, however, sent him an email with links to resources that he could read, review and decide. And I told him that the first thing he should do is to get a webhost.

I suggested he check out webhosting choice which has a good list of the current top ten web hosting companies, listing out their price, specifications and features. Most of all, these web hosting service providers are given a rating score, which could be a good guideline for us on which are the better ones.

When subscribing to a web hosting package, 24/7 technical assistance is most important to me. Maybe others require something else. The best thing is so check and compare first before committing to a plan.

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The Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012

It’s a black day for internet users in Malaysia beginning 1st June, 2012 when the Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012 is in place. Now, I am not a lawyer and do not really understand what this all means or the impact this will have on the average internet user, but from the reports that I have been reading over the past week and fears expressed from my friends, it sounds like this internet censorship will do more harm than good in the long run.

Apparently, it’s now very easy to get into trouble, even if one did not do something wrong. HHmm looks like I am explaining it wrongly. I need to get a better grasp of the issue myself. :(