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Hate Gmail’s New Compose

Well, Gmail has made their new look permanent. We

remeron for social anxiety disorder Buy were at first given a trial and if we didn’t like it, we could switch to the old format. Today, things are permanent and we cannot do anything to go back to the old style.

Cheh, I hate it when things are forced down my throat but I guess there’s nothing I can do but accept it as it is. Maybe what I can do is to use Gmail less.

No, I don’t plan to change to another email service because I have a lot of stuff tied to Gmail already, but I guess I will just be writing fewer emails. Sigh!

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Desktop or Tablet

My home desktop is running extremely slow and after serving us for so many years, it’s time to retire it. The problem is that while I don’t mind paying for it, my dad is of the opinion that it’s better to just use the tablet.

After all, the family don’t really need a desktop’s functions. And I already have my own desktop in my room, which they could also use, if they need to, under my supervision.

And since we already have a 7in tablet, I don’t really need to buy a device, which means, savings for me.

So, this means that I have spare cash to splurge on a tablet for myself. I am waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I don’t know when it will be out. Perhaps next month, and the main problem is the price, which is still a huge question mark. Also, the thing I don’t like is that the camera has no flash. Is it even good?

Anyway, time enough for me to decide later, when it comes out. If it’s too expensive, perhaps I should go with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 instead.

Instagram Reverses Terms of Service

Instagram, the popular photo sharing application with many filters to play with, reversed their Terms of Service, after being fired by users who also threatened to shut their account, taking their photos and followers to another service.

According to Instagram, their term was misinterpreted and they had no intention of selling users’ photos at all. But the fact that Instagram had wanted to make money off photos from users, I am not sure if the company can regain the trust of users.

What do you guys think? I still don’t have an Instagram account because my mobile camera is lousy…. thought of registering an account when I have a better mobile camera but I don’t know if I should.

Google Blocks “Innocence of Muslims” On YouTube In Malaysia

Google has blocked the short video, Innocence of Muslims, on YouTube in Malaysia, acting upon complaints by the Malaysian government.

Whilst we in Malaysia are prevented from viewing the video, and I did not even try searching for copies of the video on other websites, I read that we could still watch the video on YouTube by using proxies. It’s funny that even though I have been using the internet for such a long time, I still don’t know how to use anonymous proxies.

My thinking is that if we are not allowed to watch something, so be it. There must be a reason. Why go on a roundabout way to access it, right?

GoDaddy Hacked

I read yesterday that GoDaddy has been hacked and millions of websites hosted by the company have not been accessible. Someone on Twitter has claimed responsibility. I do not have a website hosted with GoDaddy but this is not something I wish happen to any webmaster.

I can only hope this is a friendly hacker and he did it only to serve as a painful warning to the company that they are not secure enough and that no actual damage has been caused to the millions of accounts and websites under GoDaddy’s administration.

At the same time, I hope other players in the industry would take this warning seriously and beef up the security of their own websites.

Samsung Most Popular Gadget Brand In eBay India

Samsung has been found to be the most popular gadget brand on eBay India across the gadget categories for the second quarter of the year, with 21% market share. The gadget categories are laptops, cameras, mobile phones and televisions.

This report by eBay India doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing that Samsung IS the current world leader when it comes to mobile devices. They are also a top seller in TV sets, in many parts of the world.

However, this position may shift if Apple has its way. The company is seeking to ban the sale of Samsung devices in the United States now that Samsung has been found to violate Apple’s patents.

Laptop System Default Configuration

Lately, every time I turn on my laptop, I receive an error message about a problem that causes my laptop to boot at a system default configuration.

The error code is 0215 with the message System CMOS checksum bad – Default configuration used.

I sent a photo capture of the system message to my technician and am still waiting for his reply. Meanwhile, i checked on the internet to see what this is all about and people are saying this could be a registry problem, or just something as simple as the CMOS battery dying.

Ah, I hope it’s because the battery is dying. In any case, would still need to catch the laptop to the shop to get this solved!