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Out For 3 Weeks

Recently, my websites hosted under one hosting account went down for almost three weeks. I had to move to another host, who helped me to get my sites up again.

It had been a painful three weeks, and I was on tenterhooks. It did not help that I was also faced with communication breakdowns off and on, which made things even more difficult.

I am glad that things are a lot better now. Still not perfect, technically, I think, but at least all my sites are live, and I am paying a lot less too!

Working On Blog Traffic

For the past year, I have been working very hard at driving traffic to my blog. It seems that the harder I work, the lower my traffic gets. How come? Why is it like that?

I think I have lost a significant number of daily visitors. While the number may not seem big to others, percentage wise, it’s almost 30%. It’s staggering, right? How like this???

Maybe I should just forget about my traffic and continue adding content to my blog but I have been posting non-stop for almost ten months now already….Argh!!! I can’t give up now!!!!

6th Blog Day – 31st Aug 2011

The 6th Blog Day is celebrated on 31st Aug, 2011 and what we are supposed to do to celebrate this day, as a blogger, is to publish a post on our blog on 31st Aug, 2011, writing about Blog Day and include six blogs that we like, with the goal of sharing the blogs with our readers.

The six blogs, preferably, have to be different from our own culture, point of view, attitude and writing style. Besides unearthing six “new” blogs, we also have to let our readers know why we have chosen the six blogs to recommend on Blog Day.

Sounds like a very interesting global blogging activity, don’t you think so? Imagine what happens if your blog goes viral.

Bandwidth Theft

I read my friend’s blog almost every day and at the end of last month, was quite surprised that he has exceeded his bandwidth. I sent him a text message to let him know about it and he was shocked because he has a pretty huge bandwidth quota on his package.

After checking, he found out that a few of his images have been hotlinked and this has caused his server to overload. That’s why even though his traffic has remained constant, his bandwidth has been used up. Those of us who host our own websites and blogs always face this issue.

My friend is currently trying lots of ways to prevent his images from being hotlinked but would like to allow some domains to hotlink those images, domain that he owns as well. I think this is called “selective hotlinking”. However, he hasn’t been successful despite adding codes to his .htaccess file and even using a short cut way through a WordPress plug-in.

HHmm I guess I will wait for his solution and then apply it on my own site since I have been bogged with bandwidth quota limit for the past two months.

Tweaking Search Engine Optimisation

I am forced to migrate my blog to another server, either this weekend or next. It will depend on when my friend is able to help me with it. For the past two months, my blog has exceeded its monthly bandwidth limit and even though I am offered cheaper seo services, I dare not take these offers up because my server couldn’t handle the surge in web traffic.

Once I have migrated my blog to a new unlimited bandwidth hosting package though, I will go all out to fine tune my current search engine optimisation because my blog will then be “Digg proof” and would be able to better handle whatever onslaught of traffic. Oh yes, I do wish for that onslaught! After all, traffic means money!

Although this friend also could help with search engine optimisation, I feel bad to ask him to help me with it since he is helping to migrate my WordPress blog for free. I can’t be too greedy, can I?

Reducing My Blog Bandwidth Usage

I have been faced with bandwidth issues that most webmasters will face one time or another, especially when a post suddenly became viral. I actually have two hosting accounts; one large one which hosts all my self-hosted blogs and websites which has generous bandwidth allowance and another smaller hosting package which I only host ONE website that nobody reads.

The lone website, though, has picked up in popularity in recent months and one time, suddenly became inaccessible because of bandwidth limit. Until then, I have never took notice of my allocated bandwidth which is only a measly 5000MB, or slightly short of 5GB per month and that’s only MONTHLY allocation! And I have maxed out on my allocation for the past two months.

Today, I am busy trying to reduce load on the server because there is still another week to go for the month. I hope that the stuff I did is sufficient for the time being!

Tired of Blogging?

I recently read a bunch of blogs where the bloggers claim that they are tired of blogging already and that if not for the money they are making through their blogs through various means of advertisements, they wouldn’t even bother with their blogs anymore. Some would say that it’s because they have PR5 or something so that means they are making good money.

I personally feel that if they have such sentiments about blogging, then they can’t be writing too well. You know, if a blogger decides to stop blogging, it would be fine with the readers. We accept the fact that sometimes there are other priorities in life that are in the forefront at this juncture of the blogger’s so it’s all right. There are many other blogs out there that are just as interesting to follow.

Although I have a handful of blogs, some that I am keeping totally “clean”, I still continue to blog as I have always done, without feeling bored, without feeling like it’s a burden to blog. I don’t think of it as a chore. If no ideas come to be then so be it. There’s no harm leaving the blog without an update for a few days, even a month. We didn’t sign an agreement that our blog has to be updated daily, right?