Desktop or Tablet

My home desktop is running extremely slow and after serving us for so many years, it’s time to retire it. The problem is that while I don’t mind paying for it, my dad is of the opinion that it’s better to just use the tablet.

After all, the family don’t really need a desktop’s functions. And I already have my own desktop in my room, which they could also use, if they need to, under my supervision.

And since we already have a 7in tablet, I don’t really need to buy a device, which means, savings for me.

So, this means that I have spare cash to splurge on a tablet for myself. I am waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I don’t know when it will be out. Perhaps next month, and the main problem is the price, which is still a huge question mark. Also, the thing I don’t like is that the camera has no flash. Is it even good?

Anyway, time enough for me to decide later, when it comes out. If it’s too expensive, perhaps I should go with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 instead.

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