Hotmail Users Can Now Add Other Email Accounts to Hotmail

It looks like Microsoft has finally allowed Hotmail users to add other email accounts to Hotmail, like Yahoo! and Gmail email addresses so that users can use Hotmail as their primary email account, and not just as a secondary email or worse, as a spam email account.

I guess the people in Hotmail finally understands that web users have more than one email address and we all need to manage our email better and most of us do this by streaming email into one account, so that we don’t have to log in an out of different email accounts throughout the day!

To use Hotmail as a primary email, we of course would need a Windows Live ID. If we are already using Hotmail, then we do have this ID already. With a Hotmail account, we can then add other email addresses to the account which have to be validated and then managed through POP mail.

Hotmail currently has more than 360 million users and is still one of the largest email providers, though they continue to face stiff competition from Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

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