Yahoo! Messenger v10 With Video Call

Yahoo! Messenger version 10 is out and ready for download. A major new feature is its video call, taking advantage of faster broadband speeds and cheaper broadband connections around the world to cut the cost of traditional video calling on smart phones.

I just checked my own currently installed version of Yahoo! Messenger and it is just version 9. Even though I hardly use Yahoo! Messenger to chat now, heck, I hardly even chat at all, I still do keep it logged on most of the time that my computer is connected to the internet.

Now should be a good time to upgrade my version of Yahoo! Messenger to v10, if only to try out its new video call feature. Of course, I don’t like to do it with my online friends but would only video call people whom I really know personally. The web has too many strange people!

Anyway, if you have already tried it out, do drop me a comment to let me know how you like it. I don’t really like to install resource hungry applications onto my computer!

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