Google Buzz Redesigned

Following a deluge of complaints from Gmail overs over privacy concerns in Google Buzz, a new Google feature that integrates in Gmail that was launched four days ago, engineers have worked around the clock to redesign Google Buzz following an apology for the compromise it created on our privacy. Some of the changes that we are seeing now is that Google Buzz now no longer automatically connects our public Picasa photo albums and Google Reader list to our Buzz profile.

I haven’t really tried out Buzz myself because I read that as long as we do not post a status message, we will not have a public profile activated, unless we manually create one. I did not and because of all these privacy concerns, but I have noticed from the status messages that my friends posted, that even tweets pre-Buzz appeared in his Buzz.

However, Buzz is not able to repost our Facebook status messages or is it able to let users publish Twitter or Facebook statuses through Buzz.

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One thought on “Google Buzz Redesigned”

  1. I haven’t even clicked on that damn “buzz” link, even though it seems to grow bolder every day. Why can’t they just leave some things (like my gmail) alone?

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