Google Docs To Be Spidered & Indexed On Search

Google is planning to make Google Docs like documents, presentations and spreadsheets that are publicly published to be available for search on the web. While this is good and yet another option for linking *ahem*, I think that better documentation is needed so that users know specifically what to do if they do not want their Docs to be available in search results.

According to the post on Google’s Support Forum, only documents that are published “as web page” or “publish/embed” and linked from a public webpage will be crawled and indexed. Those Docs published with the option that allows “anyone with a link to view” will not be crawled. Users of Google Docs could also choose to “unpublish” content they wish to remain uncrawled.

I do not use Google Docs because I don’t relish the thought of an accident happening where my private documents are easily available on the web, so this doesn’t affect me but I think it’s pretty exciting and a new ball game for those who are in the linking business, if you know what I mean. 😛

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