Retrieving Hotmail With Outlook Express

For a couple of times already, Microsoft has announced that they will no longer develop Outlook Express or offer support for the program. They also mentioned that soon, users will no longer be able to retrieve Hotmail email with Outlook Express and instead, we are encouraged to use Windows Live Mail, a free program that is feature rich and performs better than Outlook Express in the long run.

A couple of days ago, I was having connection issues with retrieving my Hotmail email with Outlook Express. I thought that Microsoft has finally pulled the plug and I did not know about it. I searched all over the web but there was no fresh news on the issue. Going to Microsoft website was a chore.

So I thought Windows Live Mail would do the trick but it was the same. Windows Live Mail isn’t as smooth as it’s touted to be. I suffer from intermittent connection problems with my three Hotmail accounts as well.

Luckily, the issue resolved soon after and I was able to retrieve my Hotmail email with Outlook Express, to my delight. I dread to think what happens when Microsoft really stops this service.

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