Searching For Passion and More

I get a lot of arranged dates and introductions from friends because I am single. Some would even ask me to join online dating sites. Frankly, sometimes I think that they are more desperate than I am to marry me off. It’s not that I want to remain single forever; just that I still cannot find someone that I like enough to spend the rest of my life with. People say I am too choosy but then I owe it to myself to find the best match, right?

Just this morning, I got to know about passion search, an online dating and free personals websites with a difference.

As you know, I have browsed through and even registered with quite a number of online dating sites but this one looks different to me because membership is open to couples as well. That’s right, you don’t have to be single to register with Passion Search; they accept straight, gay and lesbian couples as well.

Even though from the name of the site, we have the impression that members are here looking for a date, a life partner or just having a good time, there is an option to search for “online friends” or “activity partner” so anyone who is looking to expand his/her social circle could join Passion Search too.


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