Microsoft Warns Of Windows Server Vulnerability

Microsoft experts have warned that they have detected a wave of attacks on Windows servers over the past couple of weeks. Although a patch has been issued, not everyone has downloaded and installed it. Microsoft, as always, advised users to get the latest security patches from their official website.

This malware has mostly attacked businesses but some home users have also reportedly been affected. It’s not clear to me how a system could be infected but this malware would contact various major websites and request for a date, after which t would generate a list of domain names and try to download malicious file onto unsuspecting computers and then totally take control of them.

I know, this sounds pretty serious but like my friend told me, if we would like to escape from all these, it’s better not to connect to the web, but what is the purpose of the internet, then?

It seems to me that there is always a form of attack by malware, virus, Trojan and what not all the time. The best thing to do is, of course, only install original software, especially for your operating system, so that you could update your security files as and when they are available.

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