Earn Unlimited metaPoints Virtual Currency

As someone who virtually spends the entire day online, you can be sure that I have played my share of online games and earned my share of virtual currencies. The latest “IN” thing in virtual currency is metaPoints at metaRL. The difference between metaRL from the other sites that I have played in is that metaPoints are universal and these points could be exchanged for free lindens in SecondLife, free peds in Entropia, credits in IMVU and even free habbo credits at Habbo.com.

When I talked to my friends about metaRL, one of the top questions they ask is if this is free. Yes, it’s free to play and free to collect metaPoints. And best of all, there is no limit to the amount of metaPoints that one could collect. Of course, the more you play in the games or participate in the contests and win, the more points you will get, right?

Basically, the concept of metaRL is very simple. Think of it as a virtual universe to all the other virtual worlds that you may be a part of. Use the virtual currencies that you have earned here on metaRL, called metaPoints, and transfer them to your other virtual world accounts, whether it is Habbo, IMVU, SecondLife or Entropia.

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