Jenna Bush Wedding Stems Computer Virus

Did you read about how computer virus makers took the occasion of Jenna Bush’s wedding as an opportunity to spread virus?

These people have been leaving links to Jenna Bush wedding videos to bait unsuspecting computer users to click on the links hoping to watch exclusive Jenna Bush wedding video only to encounter a thousand and one pop up windows.

These victims will also be told that they have malicious spyware, malware, Trojans and what not in their computer now and that they can clean up their system by clicking on a button. The button leads them to purchase a useless computer program that purportedly will clean up their system.

I don’t know how many people have been affected just because of their curiosity to watch Jenna Bush wedding video but I think it is pretty mean of these people to capitalize on a happy occasion like this!

Anyway, do not simply click on any links that lead you to believe that you can watch Jenna Bush wedding videos. I don’t think it’s available on the web yet.

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