Microsoft Offers To Buy Yahoo! For US$45 billion

Wow, that is a hefty amount of money, though these mega companies will hardly pay in cold hard cash.

Do you know of anyone who still uses Yahoo! products exclusively? Although I have my first email account with Yahoo! years ago, currently, I am only using Yahoo! email for my junk mail by joining mailing lists or registering with websites that ask for a valid email address and then spam these emails.

And I also installed Yahoo! Messenger but don’t have time to use it although it is connected the whole time my computer is online. See, I don’t even have time to chat.

I don’t use Yahoo search because it is too cluttered so I don’t know if it returns more or less relevant results than Google. I used to use Yahoo! Photos but they have shut this down last year. So, how much does the average internet user uses Yahoo now? Is US$45 billion worth it, not taking into consideration its potential for future growth?

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