Forex Predictions For 2008

If you are player in the currency market, I am sure you are aware that the USD has been falling. This does not mean that people ARE definitely losing money but in such circumstances, all the more we should read up on currency trends and predictions for the coming year.

I may not be a currency investor but I am paid in foreign currency and knowing how the Dollar is trending for the week helps me decide better when I should cash out my pay check to get the most benefit in the currency exchange.

This afternoon, I was just looking at a website called, a website on Currency / Forex / Financial Predictions which I found informative and urge everyone who has investments in currencies to read up on.

The reason I checked the site is because I have been thinking of locking a sum of money in foreign currency fixed deposit which yields a higher interest rate than a local fixed deposit account, so I am trying to look for a more stable foreign currency. has an article on Forex predictions for 2008 and if you are planning to invest in Forex or expand your portfolio, check out the predictions. Knowledge in what may happen will help you to make a profit or cut your loss. Empower yourself with this knowledge before it happens and make your decisions based on this knowledge.

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