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Since owning an Apple iPhone, I have been crazy snapping photos. OIn fact, if you know of my other blog, you will see that I have published so many photos and those are just part of what I have in my computer! The other day, my computer crashed but luckily I managed to salvage all my files. Howoever, that event reminded me that i should get the important photos printed and not only keep a digital copy.

Just now, I was told of a website that provides quality photo prints are really affordable prices at only $0.09 for 4X6″ glossy or matte prints. From what I understand, this is a promotion rate where we also have to purchase a $25 print card to qualify for $0.09 prints.

If you check the website, you will notice that it is a very simple site where we do not even have to register to place a printing order. Just upload the photos from your computer and select the photo size and type that you require and the quantity you want. I think that from the many photo printing sites that I have visited prior to this, QualityPhotoPrints, Inc. is one of the handful that are able to offer fast and simple prints.

I love the fact that they are using Kodak paper and from what I understand, Kodak offers lifetime warranty on prints. I wonder if this applies at QualityPhotoPrints too.

*** This post was brought to you by QualityPhotoPrints, Inc. ***

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One thought on “Fast Quality Photo Prints”

  1. This photo printing website site the real deal.

    You order your prints online super fast for a cheap price without the registration hassle. My wife raves about this website. The best part is that the photos are all printed on Kodak paper.

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