What’s Up With Yahoo! Messenger’s “Hey Sexy!” Messages?

I don’t know what is wrong with my Yahoo! Messenger that I am getting “Hey Sexy” messages, with audio, a few times a day! I know that the number of times I am getting this is not an indication of anything out of the ordinary, just that my computer is connected to the internet almost the whole day (and night).

Are others getting this weird message from persons (or bots) unknown or is my Yahoo! Messenger bugged? I remember not too long a go, one of my Yahoo! Messenger contacts sent me a link asking me to check out his holiday photos and I did click on it because I really thought that it was his online holiday photo album.

A few months after that, I met him and told him that I can’t open his “holiday album” and he was blur, “What album??”

Uh-uh… I went home and changed the password of my Yahoo! account. Perhaps it is already too late. I don’t know if it was because of this that my Yahoo! Messenger is now acting weird. Any idea?

Oh yeah, come to think of it, sometimes it is not “Hey sexy” with a weird smilie icon but in a foreign language which I suspect is Hindi or something.

Somebody please tell me that it is not that my Yahoo! account has been compromised that I am getting these messages but that the problem lies with a loophole with Yahoo! in general!

Geee… isn’t it creepy?

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5 thoughts on “What’s Up With Yahoo! Messenger’s “Hey Sexy!” Messages?”

  1. I get the Hey Sexy message a couple times a day as well, i guess its just spam. And i’ve never clicked on any suspicious links, though my account was hacked into last year! But i manage to get it back lah :)

  2. Hi J!

    Thanks for dropping by. Yup, I do report all these messages to Yahoo, as spam but I wonder if it helps at all because all the IDs are different.

    It is scary to know that youw account was hacked into! I think that even if you managed to access it again, I wonder if it is safe to continue using that account!

  3. Hi GReeR,

    If you say like that, it means that you are not getting spammed by these bots LOL I’m no way sexy and I think it’s either random or there’s a security hole in my Yahoo! Messenger. :-/

  4. I got these messages thousand times. And I get still. I dont know what they are trying to do. I’ve checked out of the ip adresses, and each time
    checked I find different countries. Like other friend says. DOnt worry just delete all of them =)

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