Using Tripods To Reduce Handshake

Some of you know that I run a webstore. Last month a new consignment came in and I had such a hard time taking good shots of my products because I was using my friend’s digital camera. Well, I was not used to its weight and all photos were all ruined.

I discussed with another friend on how to take better pictures because these were taking too much of my time. She suggested the use to tripods. Ah, why didn’t I think of that? I should have done a little search on the web.

Anyway, luckily I have a couple of mini tripods at home that were packaged with the digital camera that I bought last time. Even though they were only mini tripods, I still managed to get the photos shot pretty well for web publishing in time for Christmas sales.

If you are taking lots of product shots, it is definitely a good idea to set up a tripod. it worked for me.

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