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When I first started using the internet, Yahoo! Mail was my primary email address. I then changed to Hotmail because somehow my Yahoo! email address became spam haven so I moved. Even now that I have Gmail as my primary email, Hotmail is still used for many of my old contacts and as log-in IDs.

The problem with Hotmail is that it is totally web-based and the only way to retrieve your Hotmail without logging in to the web is by using Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. On my desktop computer, I retrieve, read and reply to all my Hotmail email on Outlook Express and it is very convenient. I hardly ever log in to my Hotmail account on the web anymore except to retrieve large attachments.

Since June 2007 when I bought my mobile device, Nokia E61i, I have been trying to figure out how to get my Hotmail like how Gmail is set up on my phone. I know many people are looking for this answer as well based on the organic searches that came from search engines.

Anyway, I am now trying Consilient for ten days already. There are some parts that could be improved on like visual notification, the option to retrieve new email only (I understand that this is Hotmail issue), the option to delete mail from my phone only but leave it intact in my email account, the option to increase font size and an instant connection once I am online instead of the two minutes I have to wait before my accounts are sync-ed. Like Samm, the sound alert of my Nokia’s default email client is also muffled if Consilient is connected at the same time.

What I like about Consilient, which I use solely to retrieve and read my Hotmail, is the many different colors that I change ever so often. The sound alert is also very loud which is good if we are out and about. When I take my phone to bed during the night so that I am alerted of new emails, I cringe because it is too loud and may wake the household. I end up piling my pillows on it until even I could not hear it and missed the notification. Haha

One thing though, I don’t know how to stop my 3G connection from breaking so that my PUSH mail is uninterrupted. I have already selected an ‘always on’ connection *sigh*

P/S: I wrote the above article, all 400+ words of it on my mobile device! Woot!

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