Learn To Write A Solid Business Plan For Free

When I was contemplating starting an online business two years ago, I consulted my good friend about it. I had to source for my products overseas and at that time, the currency exchange rate was not favorable so I was a little worried.

My friend told me that if I want to start a business, I should not worry about something like that because it is out of our control. What I should do it to write a solid business plan and move according to that.

Another friend of mine who is also in business, asked me, “What are your business plans?”, “Where do you see yourself and your business next year or five years down the line?” I had a good talking to from him when I told him that it’s all “in my head”. He told me that I should have a business plan written down and not keep them in my head, as thoughts only.

I guess I am very fortunate to have friends like these to guide me in my initial steps into the business world. However, if I could start all over again, I would prefer to learn how to write a business plan professionally.

Did you know that Trump University is offering a free course on business plan writing? I think this is an excellent opportunity for us to learn from the Master himself in crafting out a business plan that we should abide by to create success of our business. If you think that small businesses like mine do not need a plan then you are wrong. Size does not matter in this case because business is business and all businesses come with risks, hence the need for a plan!

By learning how to write a solid business plan through Trump University, we will be learning from the best and this is not going to be some “theory” only but applicable in the real world.

I think that even though I have been in business for two years already, it is not too late for me to rewrite my business plan. I hope they will accept non-Americans. I could certainly do with some professional guidance!

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