Printing Quality Postcards Cheaply

I was thinking of printing postcards for promotional purposes. I have a very good printer myself and thought that since I don’t use that so often this is a chance to use it because I was told that the printer head will clog if I do not use it for a long time and it would be very costly to replace.

However, my friend says that I must be crazy. You see, my printer uses DuraBrite ink and that is the most costly printer ink at the moment. He said that I should leave postcard printing to the professionals and leave my printer for home use.

According to him, it is only $150 to print a thousand pieces 4.25 X 5.5 cards and a thousand pieces of the largest cards at 6 X 9 would only cost me $250. Can I get this price printing them myself? Definitely no. Besides, since I never printed postcards before, I would only be wasting ink AND paper when I could just pass this task to the pros and receive my full color front and back postcards with high gloss UV lamination, which comes free, if I would just request for it.

I thought I would make a comparison with other online printers but my friend says that this is already a good deal so why waste time?

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