Pity The Sponsors

You know, with the new Terms of Service of a certain marketplace where we nearly have to publish an organic post between all sponsored posts across the blog, I feel that the one losing party is the Sponsors.

As far as I know, active blog for pay bloggers would write multiple sponsored posts every day and if they have to have an organic post between every single sponsored post, then before half the day is over, those sponsored posts would have dropped off the front page. The post would not even benefit from the Page Rank of the blog.

This morning, I wrote a total of ten posts on my other blog, a mixture of sponsored and unsponsored content and I am only a mid-range blogger. Plus, I set my Blogspot blog to show seven days’ worth of posts on the front page, but still not all the posts managed to benefit from the landing spot.

I know of some other bloggers who literally crank out tens of posts every day and the earlier posts would have gone to the second or even third page, depending on the layout of the blog.

Luckily, even though I have set to show seven posts on the front page for this blog, this is a blog that does not overdose on sponsored posts.

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