Happy Birthday, Google!

This morning, I saw this picture on Google Search and don’t really recognise what special day it is. Apparently, it is Google’s ninth birthday. Happy Birthday, Google!

Well, Google wasn’t born yet when I started to get online and it is a surprise to realise that it has been more than nine years since my first foray into the World Wide Web. Has it been this long already? I know you must be thinking that I am quite old but I swear I am not that old! I started young, OK? 😀

Back to the Google art celebrating its ninth birthday, can you make out what the “g” is. I think that it’s a bunch of firecrackers but to me, it totally looks like a bunch of falling candy! Hahaha

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Google!”

  1. Oh cool… I noticed that logo in my Google but I don’t think it had the candy pouring out of it on the bottom.

    I wonder what year Google started getting big? It doesn’t seem this long.

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