CrispAds & BlogWorld

I received an email from CrispAds this morning about giving away 300 coupon codes worth $25 each for BlogWorld and a contest where two lucky AMERICAN bloggers will get to win free trips to Las Vegas.

I was registered with CrispAds ages ago. I must have, or they would not have my email address on their mailing list. Off hand, without checking my little black book, I could not log into my CrispAds account. See, that must have been so long ago.

Anyway, I don’t even know how to use CrispAds on my blog and I have not heard of any local blogger who has found success with it but still I signed up when I was searching for more ways to monetize my blog months ago. I can’t be writing sponsored posts forever, right?

I think I need to put more effort to learn how CrispAds works and how that I could somehow implement them on my blogs. HHmm I don’t even remember if my blogs are in the system already and approved! Confirmed there goes my memory!

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