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The other day, I was looking for chat rooms for my friend to while away time since she messaged me that she as bored. I found her a couple of chat rooms but I have no idea how interesting they were, she just have to find out for herself because I don’t have the time to chat 😀

Anyway, while I was searching, I came across a website with adult and teen chat rooms. This site is different from the chat rooms that I have chatted in. Well, I used to spend the whole day in chat rooms so I do know quite a bit about chat rooms. Those were the days!

Idol Me is a forum-style chat room and not real time chatting. Last time, I loved real time chatting because the reaction is instant and the atmosphere is very different especially when there are many people chatting at the same time and although these people have never met each other before in real life, they still felt a sense of camaraderie especially for regular chatters.

Now that I no longer have so much free time to chat, I prefer forum style chat rooms. This is because all the posts would still be there for me to catch up on whenever I log in. Also, I do not have to stick around the room if I wanted to ask a question. I could just post it on a chat room like Idol Me.

While Idol Me is primarily set up to chat about American Idol, there are also other interesting topics of discussions like politics, religion, television, sports and not forgetting JOKES. We need our daily dose of humor, don’t we?

Now that I browsed through the chat rooms, I recall visiting Idol Me before a few months ago when it was newly set up and I remember thinking that there is no section for Malaysian Idol. Boy, I am surprised that within a short time, there are so many members now on Idol Me chatting away! I think I’ll be visiting Idol Me more often now!

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