Six Hours! Too Freaking Long!

A few days ago, PayPerPost rolled out new features. Does it seem like they keep rolling out new stuff ever so often? Anyway, while I am mostly satisfied with their new features, what I am not happy with is the time that one is allowed to reserve an opp.

When I first joined PayPerPost seven months ago, only the fastest members who submitted posts managed to get the Opp. This was then upgraded and people had 30 minutes to write out their post.

Complaints after complaints, it was raised to an hour. Fair enough, 30 minutes may not be enough for some people, especially when their blog host acts up or when advertiser’s site refused to load or when there are too many links to add plus videos and what not.

So this time, PayPerPost has gone to the EXTREME by raising the time frame to SIX freaking long hours. I mean, I only sleep less than five hours every night so if I were to reserve an Opp, I could take a nap, take a bath, have my dinner, get my hair done and even catch a movie, come home and THEN write and submit my post while the rest of the Posties keep clicking on the Opp that I have reserved.

I just think that it’s not fair to other Posties to subject them to this torture. If they were anything like me, they would be clicking on the TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY button non-stop. It’s not fair to the advertisers too who expect swift action AND quality work for the money they have paid.

TWO hours is the most that I would give for an Opp to be completed once it is reserved, but then who is asking me?

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