Jean-Claude Animation Series – 2nd Episode, Barbarossa

Since my blog post introducing Jean-Claude, the Animated Tiger in early May, I have friends asking me when wll the second installment of the Life According To Jean-Claude mini series be released. Well, I have good news now. The second episode is called Barbarossa.

Jean-Claude is clueless about Barbarossa, not know why the battle happened or where. However, what he does know that to win a battle, the fighter has to be persistent. That’s how he wins his backgammon games too. He is, afterall, the number one backgammon game player on Jean-Claude knows that each time they play backgammon, he has the key to winning the game because he has mastered the strategies and philosophies of backgammon.

If you do not already know, Jean-Claude if the animated tiger mascot of BackgammonMasters. Perhaps that is why he is winning all the backgammon games! Sources say that BackgammonMasters will be releasing Blackjack somet time this month. Watch out! Jean-Claude may soon master the game of Blackjack as well!

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Don’t forget to watch Jean-Claude Animation Series Episode 2 – Barbarossa, at:

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